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Do you like to make quilts? (in the spirit of psychology rather than actual making) >

Do you like to make quilts? (in the spirit of psychology rather than actual making)

Do you like to make quilts? (in the spirit of psychology rather than actual making)

Old 09-29-2018, 03:54 AM
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Default Do you like to make quilts? (in the spirit of psychology rather than actual making)

This may be in the wrong spot, but I wasn't sure where it would fit.

I feel like I'm stuck. I don't really know if I patchwork or sew or cross stitch because I like to, because I have the supplies, because I have the know-how, or because I feel I need to do *something*, and it's what I've done for the last 30 years. Or maybe it's been 40.

I feel like I would like to do something else, but I cross those off my list and go back to what I've been doing, but somehow that doesn't make me any more productive, lol.

Do you ever go through this over-analysis of why you do what you do? How do you get away from it? Or figure out what you really enjoy?
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Old 09-29-2018, 04:05 AM
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I truly enjoy making quilts. I don't do it because I think I need to do "something." I do it because I enjoy it. Quilting is fun for me. It can also be challenging and exasperating, but I love it. It's ok to try new things. Find something you enjoy!
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I quilt as a way to express my creativity through fabric. I have a problem following patterns...lol. Many of my quilts are happenstance and serendipitous. I don't have an artistic eye like some, but just like to play with color and pattern. Many times I mindlessly sew say 9Ps's or crumb blocks and find myself humming and am so relaxed. I guess I find satisfaction in just sewing....Hesitantly started when I was 10 yo..55 years later my day usually revolves around what I'm going to make. I belong to our local small guild and love the socialization of others and their special creativity.
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Old 09-29-2018, 04:27 AM
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I do have times that I am "not feeling it". Not sure if that's what you mean or not. But with me, my "not feeling it" has more to do with what's going on in life... work has wore me down or I am worried about my kids or family or too much other stuff going on. I just don't sew or worry about it when I am in that mood.

I sure wouldn't worry about it at all if I were you. Sew when you want to - if you don't want to there's nothing wrong with that.

Not that this applies to your situation... but I have learned that when "life" has kicked my butt and I am not feeling anything... if I give myself a little push to the sewing room its always worth the push ha ha. The sewing purges all of the ugly out of my head and I get refreshed

but everyone is different
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I honestly enjoy making quilts. I love the pretty fabrics and the endless possibilities in patterns, and then seeing the ideas in my mind come together in quilts. Since my life seems to be getting busier as my toddlers grow up, I am finding I am turning towards simpler patterns, like 9-patches, log cabins, samplers and such. I am surprising myself by enjoying these more than the more challenging quilt patterns. It's probably just a passing time in my quilting life, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts!
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Old 09-29-2018, 05:08 AM
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I have 3 needle arts that I really love: quilting, knitting, and cross-stitch, however quilting is number one with me. I just started knitting a sweater. This time of year I seem to get the itch to knit. I love having something to do at night while relaxing watching TV or whatever.
I guess I have a need to always work on something. We were on vacation last week and there were times where I just wanted to sew. I did bring a hand project with me but didn't do much. That's fine because we had a lot of fun but I did miss it.
For me it's all about relaxation. It's like therapy for me. Makes me feel good about life!
So yes, it's psychological indeed.

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I quilt because it gives me so much pleasure and it is good therapy for me. I do have to have something to do but never seem to want to change from sewing/quilting. I am always looking for a new pattern for a challenge or want to make a quilt for a growing family member.
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I do like to make quilts, but more than that, I want to make quilts. The first time I looked at a photo of a hand-stitched quilt, I thought, 'I want to do that.' But I do thoroughly enjoy the process, except for trimming threads on the back of a finished top.
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I have a few hobbies and they all involve color! I can't explain why I am so drawn to color and how it affects me but it's all positive. There are so many reasons why I love quilting but I feel one of the best parts of quilting/sewing is the "gifting" part of it. It's fun to find out what colors my friends/family are drawn to, what they might like and sew it up for them. It's just the best. I just finished a quilt for a relative who is way into Denver Broncos. It really turned out and I absolutely cannot wait to give it to him. My daughter in law loves butterflys and she also loves snowmen. How fun to find theme related fabrics and make her table runners, lap quilts, small purses, tote bags...whatever. I just love to get involved in my hobbies and all I think of is what I'm working on. Everything else goes away and that's the best therapy there is!
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I have to say that in the last 8 months especially quilting has definitely been therapeutic. I lost my desire for quilting or anything else for that matter after losing my grand daughter. I couldn't find joy in the normal creative things that I had enjoyed prior to the tragedy. But like Angela Walters says "Quilting is my therapy" at least after a long while it is! I love quilting it's just so fulfilling to make something that you or especially others can enjoy.
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