I use the Elmer's school glue and buy it on sale before school starts. It's generally $.50 a bottle. It is water soluble and biodegradeable and safe for school children to use with all their cutting and pasting in the early grades. I use it on bias seams gluing them together and lightly press before sewing and they don't stretch! And gluing is so much easier than pinning and removing pins. I have used it to put the quilt together. I also have use spray glue that is made for quilts that I have gotten from LQS and Joann's. I like the glue better than the spray because I have to open the windows or try to do it outside when using it and it can be breath-taking. It's much quicker than the glue but I like the glue best. Once you try glue with your seams, you won't go back to pinning. You can get perfect points with it!!!