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A few questions about the Viking Sapphere 835, 855 and 875 >

A few questions about the Viking Sapphere 835, 855 and 875

A few questions about the Viking Sapphere 835, 855 and 875

Old 06-30-2012, 07:23 PM
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Cool A few questions about the Viking Sapphere 835, 855 and 875

I was wondering if those of you who own any of these three machines could give me your opinion(s).

1) Which one can embroider letters (one-inch or taller) in cursive, script or italic?
2) Are these machines heavy to carry to class?
3) Are the walking feet expensive?
4) How accurate are the machines in sewing a 1/4" seam?
5) I've heard of reviews where folks spent a lot of money on their Viking machine only to be completely disappointed (adding that if they hadn't spent so much they would've thrown it out the window). I would really welcome your honest opinion of your machine (pros/cons). I'm trying to make my decision before tomorrow (7/1).

Thanks, in advance!!!
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Old 06-30-2012, 07:51 PM
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Ethel, I will not be able to answer all of your questions, but since you are trying to decide by TOMORROW, I will answer the ones I can for you. I purchased the Viking Tribute (would be same as the 855; from what I was told they discontinued the 855) at the end of April, so I haven't had it that long. I have not used the font yet, so I am not sure what size font it has, but the fonts it lists are block, brush line, cryrillic alphabet, and hiragana alphabet (whatever htat is). I do not carry my machine to class, but I am constantly having to move it around when I am needing to use my table for ironing and cutting. It is not light; but it is not overly heavy either. It was recommended to me to purchase the interchangeable walking foot; it was about $120 but worth it in my opinion. The machine has a built in 1/4 seam, and mine is right on; which is SO nice. My machine also has the drop in bobbin, and I can wind the bobbin while my machine is threaded, it has the needle threader, and has the thread cutter on the side of the machine. It has the sensor system, which senses the thickness of the fabric and automatically lowers your pressure foot when you start sewing, and when you stop with needle down position (a feature it also has) it automatically senses the thickness of the fabric and raises the presser foot to just the right height. The Exclusive Sewing Advisor is a nice feature to me. You set the fabric type/height and it automatically sets the best stitch; stitch length, width, sewing speed and sensor foot pressure. It also gives you thread tension and needle recommendations. These features were nice for me; because I have only been quilting a short time, and prior to that, I had never really even used a sewing machine. These features may not be as cool to you if you've been sewing for a long time; I honestly don't know. The only part I have a hard time with is the fact that there is no lever to lift or put down your pressure foot. There is a button instead, but by the time I finished my quilt, I was finally used to it. The best feature of all to me; is that large throat space; it made quilting my quilt so much easier, and I would not be willing to give up that throat space for anything! I will tell you what I was told when it was time to purchase my machine--try out the ones you are interested in and see which one you are more comfortable with. I've only had my Viking a few months, but I love it and am definitely not sorry I spent my money on her! I hope I've at least helped you a little. Have fun trying the machines out, and let us know what you chose and how you like it.
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Old 06-30-2012, 08:34 PM
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Ethel, something else that might help and give you more information on the machines you are looking at is do a search on the board for Viking 835 or Viking 875 or anything else you are looking for. I remember doing that before I purchased mine and there are a few threads talking about those machines. In fact, if I recall, I myself had posted a question asking about the 835, I believe. So...happy searching and hope that too, helps.
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Old 07-01-2012, 03:27 AM
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I agree to go to the store and try out the machines. I have a few Vikings (not these) but they are all great. You need to find the one right for you in your price range. I do know that Viking has just done a no finance deal again but I'm not sure which machines that is for. I'll include the website for my LQS/dealer and they have links for info on at least two of these machines; I didn't look under the gently used section to see if the other was under there. I hope this helps. Good luck; you'll love Viking.
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Old 07-01-2012, 03:56 AM
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i just brought home my tribute 140c. (rebadged 855). and i do love it. i am a long time viking owner--will not give up my 350 for anything. from what i understand, the newer ones have worked out the kinks that the older ones had. having said that, they are now assembled in china versus sweden. my dh did some investigating. the parts are designed and machined and sweden and shipped to china for assembly. kind of like piaggio scooters. parts made in italy, shipped to china for assembly.

the biggest difference between the 140c (aka 855) and 875 is that the 140c has less stitches, no automatic thread cutter and has a manual tension set. the 875 has more stitches, automatic thread cutter and an electronic tension set.

i would suggest you sit down with both and try them out. bring fabric YOU will be sewing on.
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Old 07-01-2012, 05:30 AM
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I have the Sapphire 835 that I bought over 5 yrs ago. Never a problem with it.
It has tons of fancy stitchs but havnt used them and would have to look at the instructions to figure out how to use them.
It is not an embroidery machine.
It is oversized so not a travel machine.
It has a 1/4 in setting but still have to move the needle to get the right size blocks. Did buy a 1/4 in foot but dont use it anymore as you still have to move the needle. The regular foot works fine by moving the needle.
It came with a box of quilting stuff like a table and I think a walking foot that Joanns gave to me when I bought the machine.
Its a good machine and it has a 10 in throat space. I also like the auto foot raise when in needle down mode.
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Old 07-01-2012, 06:03 AM
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The earlier Sapphires (830, 850 and 870) had some tension issues. I have an 850 and my issue was that I had trouble with FMQ. I blame my dealer for being unresponsive to me. The 835/850/875 seem to be better received. Many of the complaints were operator error. I think the computerized machines are less forgiving than mechanicals.

I don't know about the alphabet functions, but the machine is heavy - I wouldn't want to lug it very far. While I had trouble with FMQ, it sewed like a dream, and I loved the way the foot raises and lowers, and if you do any machine applique you'll find that a great help. It will do an accurate 1/4" seam, but you'll have to adjust the setting to make it happen. The Walking foot is expensive, but worth it - many times you can get the dealer to include one with your purchase.

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So Ethel....what'd ya get? Hope you are happy with whatever you purchased
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Old 07-02-2012, 07:24 AM
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I started with my 830 sapphire and just purchased an 875 sapphire to replace my Bernina 153 QE. I know I will be happy with both of my machines. Which one did you purchase? Luann in CT
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