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The first quilt I made was a ......

The first quilt I made was a ......

Old 03-29-2007, 11:00 AM
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disaster. No, it was a string quilt. My MIL taught me how to do it. I made it from scrap flannel from the pj's I made for my boys. They loved it. Then I had to make one for the other boy. Made it out of blue jean patches like a sleeping bag. Used the top of the jeans to make a carry bag to roll it up in. Used the pockets for toothbrush, clean undies, etc, for sleep overs at Grandma's.
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Old 03-29-2007, 11:09 AM
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Hey! I need one of those blue jeans ones too! I shall PM you with my address right away!
Sounds great Norah! The first quilt I actually FINISHED is a couch quilt, perfect size for watching TV....and it was supposed to be a wall hanging! :lol: It is flying geese in five columns on the front, then on the back...well, I didn't have quite enough black fabric & was determined NOT to go back to the fabric store again, so I decided to use the scraps from the geese & make small squares in the same chevron color pattern that I did the geese in. Ummm, squares? Matching corners? OMIGOSH!!! I got SO frustrated! :shock: I finally ended up sewing across all the corners by hand to make sure they matched, THEN sewed them by machine! But I do still love the quilt & it's hanging in my living room right now, having a break from couch duties. :-)

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Old 03-29-2007, 11:13 AM
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The first quilt I made was a doll quilt from a kit. The fabric squares were pre-cut, all I had to do was decide how I wanted them. It was all hand-pieced, and hand quilted. I had never attempted quilting of any sort before, and since my MIL was a superb quilter, I was very nervous. But it actually turned out quite well, although the backing fabric was way too red for me. My quilting stitches looked pretty good, over all, but I must have spooked myself, because it was a loooong time, (like 15 years), before I attempted quilting again. Now I love it, and look forward to time spent with my fabrics.
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The first quilt I made was an anniversary quilt for my mom and dad.... I found a kit with 14 inch squares with an embroidery design on them... they all matched and I embroidered them in blue and brown....I placed these every other square and for the squares in between I made a square for each of us kids with our name and date of birth on it and in the very center square I did my mom and dads names and their anniversary date...also added some designs and a couple of poems on the extra squares...it was a large undertaking but thankfully I too had the help of my MIL who was an excellent quilter! She helped me put it together once I had all the squares emboridered and helped me put it up in the frames and we tied it.

My mom and dad loved it!! That was for their 40th anniversary way back in 1980!! they still have it and I am hopeful it is willed to me someday!! I just finished making them each a new quilt for their (now separate) beds! LOL They were again thrilled to get them...my mom never made quilts...but she sewed alot of our clothes.
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Old 03-29-2007, 03:57 PM
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Two of my friends are having a baby soon so my first quilt ended up being a baby quilt. It was made out of flannel...and I did not know how much flannel frayed until I put it in the wash. The edges came out a knotted, tangled mess. Making the top of the quilt was the easy part (though I did have a little trouble getting the pieces to line up right.) Sandwiching the top, batting, and back together...not so much. I had forgotten to buy fabric for the back of the quilt. I didn't know how to finish the edges of the quilt (with binding) so I folded the edges in and sewed on top of the quilt...with black thread. And once I gave the parents-to-be the quilt one of them found a pin (ten minutes after giving them the quilt) that I had forgotten to take out (I was so sure I had made sure ALL of them were out). Instead of taking the whole quilt apart to get it out I just took a pair of pliers and pulled the pin away from the little plastic ball it was attached to (figured the little ball being in the quilt won't do any harm). So it wasn't a complete disaster, but it was a rocky ride. And the quilt turned out pretty good (despite some of the rows not lining up exactly, sewing the edges with black thread that really shows up on the red and white parts of the quilt, and leaving a pin in there as well).

Here's the design layout I had come up for the quilt before making it.

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Old 03-30-2007, 04:35 PM
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Oh, gosh, a memory thread. lol lol My first quilt was a baby crib quilt. I bought flannel, filler, and tied it with yarn. Then I branched out to piecing and quilting designs in the middle of the blocks. I always did the coloring book for my hand quilting patterns, drums, birds, dolls, cradles, balloons, etc. It was a 15 year or so past time. Then I helped to teach a crafts class for Bible School. One of the classes was for the adult class to design a quilt block for a comfort quilt. The 'comfort' was to be their own comforting things drawn on unbleached muslin. I embroidered those things, then put quilt blocks in it as sashes (didn't know that's what they were at the time) put other blocks to make it balance, put an old mattress pad in for a filler, and then put the backing on and tied it. Whew, I was hooked, from there it's history. I've been trying to learn new things and experiment with my own designs and layouts.


PS Adults don't listen to instructions any better than 8 year olds. I asked them to do the desings in a vertical field. Four of them did the design in a horizontal. go figure! lol lol
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Old 03-30-2007, 06:15 PM
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The first quilt I made was a queen sized log cabin! It was in 1980 and I had just found this new Quilt in a Day book by Eleanor Burns. This was before rotary cutters, but she had this neat ripping method back then. So I ripped strips and frantically sewed. Didn't get it done in a day, but I had no use for a baby quilt. Why bother making a quilt unless you can use it. So I had a queen sized bed, so made a queen sized quilt. LOL

Not caring for the tied version, I also tackled machine quilting. What a joke that was. I quilted in the ditch of all those logs, as sweat ran off me. But finally got it done and on the bed. My next two quilts were also the same pattern and size. One for my sister and one for my brother.

The advent of rotary cutters changed my life! now over 25 years later, I teach. Never thought that would happen. LOL
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First quilt I made was a log cabin in a 2 day class. The first day I was surrounded by heaps of experienced quilters and a teacher who was an inaugeral member of the Quilt Police. Ended up with a migraine, ruined the first days work, which I eventually turned into an ironing board cover and cushion covers. Bought new fabric, did all the first days work at home and finished the whole queen sized top on the second day lesson a week later.

Still love that first quilt after all the blood sweat and tears. :? Bette
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My very first quilt was a yo-yo quilt started by my great aunt and finished by me when I was 16. I made some small quilts for my daughters about 15 years later. (One 45 inch square of fabric with lace edges!) Then I retired 6 years ago and the rest is history! I have the stash! I've got the tools! I am a quilter! Don't get between me and my rotary cutter! I've got quilts to build!!! :D
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First quilt I ever made used a friendship block that I found online. I had taken a total of 3 quilting lessons and did not know what I was getting myself into when I started it. The top took several months to finish; I ran out of fabric and had to get something else to finish it. Instead of a double bed size, it came out a lap quilt. LOL. Then I din't know how to put a border on it or to bind it.

It sat for almost 6 months before I learned to quilt it - by hand. That took forever.

But like everybody else, I am very proud of that quilt and it still keeps me warm on cold winter evenings - both outside and inside.

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