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Thread: Hand quilting designs for top of Farmer's Daughter - help.

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    Hand quilting designs for top of Farmer's Daughter - help.

    I have finished piecing by hand a farmer's daughter top (took me over a year UFO), and will be hand quilting the layers, and have no idea how to transfer any design to the top. One way I think I can do is to copy the individual design on to tracing paper, taping it to the block and quilting on the lines. I want to do a different design on each block. And some sort of plain criss cross on the lattice, and a tiny something on each little lattice block. would this look okay? Or are the different designs too much? What type of hand quilting design transfer does everyone use? I have Follow the line Quilting Designs Volume 3 by Mary Covey. Is there another book/kit that you use? Or is there a website where I can download designs and print? I have EQ7 - but haven't played with quilting designs, just block, and fabrics. Is there something in EQ 7? I have lots of questions - this is my third hand quilted project . My first was a 10 week class on hand piecing and quilting years ago, and I have a UFO whole cloth partially done. I am not too creative, so patterns are the way for me to go. Any advice/pictures and guidance would be appreciated.
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    different designs in each block are fine if that's what you want to do- as long as it is (balanced) you don't want to heavily quilt some areas & leave some with much less quilting-
    as for transfering- there are many products on the market- just search transfering designs.
    there is a new product on the market- you can run through the printer then just peel it off it's backing and stick it on your block- stitch through it & it washes away when your are all done. you can use stencils, the press & seal plastic wrap- you draw on it- stick it to the block-stitch- then tear it away---or you can use any number of transfer pencils/markers available.
    be sure & show us pictures! we always love to see them!!!
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    I'm not overly creative myself, so I usually use stencils. Much easier in the long run IMO. When I mark the top, I have evolved to using just a #2 mechanical pencil on the lighter fabrics and a Bohin mechanicl 'pencil' with a white lead for darker fabrics. I think I have bought every 'quilters marking' pencil on the market and don't like them. I also have and will use the chalk 'mechanical-style' markers as well. I have never had an issue with any of these markers washing out of my fabrics. For straight lines, I usually use a ruler to draw the lines. My friend uses pieces of masking or painters tape. I'm not fond of that process but it works for her. Marking PENS scare me. Have never used any and have no desire to!

    I would think that anything that you place on top of your quilt and then need to sew through would be painful. And for the most part, I mark as I go. Particularly with the white pencil. It usually takes me a while to get larger projects hand quilted and I find that the markings will rub off with time and movement of the project. I quilt while watching TV with DH so I have a little 'lap desk' that I place under the quilt to give me a solid surface to work on and just trace as I get to any given area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ckcowl View Post
    , the press & seal plastic wrap- you draw on it- stick it to the block-stitch- then tear it away---or you can use any number of transfer pencils/markers available.
    be sure & show us pictures! we always love to see them!!!
    While this method would work with machine quilting, as a hand quilter I would not do this. In fact I think handquilting through anything more than your 3 layers would be detrimental to acheiving even stitches and make it much harder if for small stitches.

    To transfer a design I have used Transdoodle transfer paper. It is pricey but well worth the cost. Be forewarned, it rubs off very easy so I only mark as I go with that product. I have heard many recommend Saral transfer paper. It comes in white and graphite. It is wax free and supposed to be good for transferring on to fabric. But I have never used it myself. I have had great luck with the purple air/water soluble markers. These are the kind where the marks disappear after a while. But I have had the marks fade very quickly so there is that to consider. I have also had wonderful luck with the fons and porter mechanical pencil for marking using a stencil. For doing straight lines I have used masking tape and just quilted right next to the tape but I prefer to use a ruler and mark with with a Chalko liner that lays down a thin line of chalk.

    Our member "Borntohandquilt" does needle marking. Just do a search for her posts and you will find her tute.

    For pattern sources, they are all around you! Look at architectural elements on buildings, wrought Iron gates and furniture, mosaic tiles. If you like traditional designs you may wish to consider some of Karen McTavish's books. Her designs are suitable for hand or machine quilting and they are loaded with wonderful designs. The book "The Essential Quilter" is a sound investment. Loads of advice, drawings, designs, etc.

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