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Have You Ever Made a Second One?

Have You Ever Made a Second One?

Old 10-02-2019, 02:08 PM
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Watson, I'm a painter also, and RedGarnett is correct. Read her again and she is right in her words. There is not a thing wrong with going again on your last quilt. If you want to.
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What a beautiful quilt! One and done for me, or else I would lose interest duplicating a quilt I have completed
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Originally Posted by littlebitoheaven View Post
I love Red Garnet 222's reply. So well-spoken and I agree with her response 100%. I have two quilt tops that are nearly exactly alike. I started these quilts when my GD was 12 and my GGD was 10. They are now 13 and 15. I call them "Dolphin" quilts as they have dolphins appliquéd on them. However, the most striking appliqué on both is the mermaid sitting on a rock. I couldn't do one and not the other so did one for both. They are my next projects to finish. Sometimes, you just have to make more than one. For whatever reason. (Here they are. Not sure why they ended up on their sides.) BTW! I love your quilt. It is exquisite. Thankfully, most people have no clue what you did wrong or how long it took you, or how many mistakes you made. Quilts are just so forgiving!

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I also agree with Red Garnet and with you. In practice, I usually replicate quilts only when I have given the first effort away and feel the overwhelming need to replace it.
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Old 10-03-2019, 02:28 AM
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I agree with Red Garnet too. I am refining my techniques so that each seam, each block is not a struggle. I'm on my third Smith Mountain Morning.
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Old 10-03-2019, 02:50 AM
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I think Redgarnet stated it perfectly...I too see your beautiful project as a piece of art. I think as long as you enjoyed the process and are craving to perfect (or improve) your technique then you should do another one. I think you did a fabulous job and congratulate you on your achievement. We’ll keep our eyes posted if you choose to do another one.

I do have a Doug Leko quilt pattern that I constructed about six years ago called Tumbling Stars but it was a little challenging for me then...so, yes, I do have it on my list of quilts to do a second time now that I have improved my piecing skills.
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I have made a second quilt after some time to improve. I changed the colors of the second quilt but really just needed to try again on certain areas that didn’t go together well the first time around. Then a couple years after the second one someone requested one and I got to make it a third time. The third time was the charm as they say- that one really came out best.
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Go for it! I suspect you will make some changes and/or additions. You should consider a series. The quilt is beautiful and it would be fun to do more and see how it evolves.
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Your design and quilt is gorgeous. There are lessons learned along the way so yes go for round two on your design. You will bring the experience and learn even more this time. It is how we grow our skills.

One of my first machine embroidery projects was a children's quilt that was intensive. Yes, I went back for a second one. Instead of the 103 red lady bugs they were aqua in the second quilt. I was more confident in color choices and walked (or stitched) my own path.

You will always love the first one and there will be room in your heart to love a second one. Enjoy the journey!
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Yes, I have definitely made another quilt. But, not exactly the same. I always change and adapt either the pattern or the sizes. It's great to feel like I have mastered a technique.
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If, the finished product is something you really like, make another one using and incorporating whatever changes you would have liked to see in the first. We learn from our mistakes. (hopefully)
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