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Help with Embroidered Quilt Top

Help with Embroidered Quilt Top

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Default Help with Embroidered Quilt Top

So I bought a Bucilla quilt top with a stamped cross-stitch design (http://www.joann.com/bucilla-butterf...45-/xprd72821/). My problem is that I'm almost done and the quilt top is now bunchy in parts from being stretched with hoops for embroidering. It has taken me nearly a year to finish it and I'm eager to get it completely done.

So I have a few questions as someone who has never made a quilt before:
1. How do I get it not bunchy without getting it wet? If I get the top wet before quilting, the quilting lines will disappear.

2. It is going to be used as a wall-hanging, so what kind of batting can I use that isn't too thick but will still help the quilt hold its shape?

3. The finished dimensions are 45x45 square, unfinished is 50x50 square. How many yards of backing fabric do I need?

4. Is there anyone in the Northern New Jersey/Rockland County NY area that would be willing to help me finish this before June 25th? Its a gift for my dad's girlfriend who has been a wonderful nurse for him through his time with terminal cancer. We are flying home to Seattle for a few weeks on the 25th of June and I'd like to have it completed before then. I don't need anything fancy, just the straight lines and getting it all looking nice.

Thank you so much for your input!

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welcome to the board!! how nice of you to make a quilt for this lady.

Can you test to see if the quilting lines will disappear? usually there is some branding "bucilla" or whatever along the edge, in the same stuff as the markings. Wet it with a washcloth, rub and see if it comes out. I have done these kinds of tops and the marks never came out.

Maybe steam it to get it to relax? hang in the bathroom after a hot shower?

There are some nice thin battings, Warm & Natural comes to mind. Get 1.5 yards of backing if it is really 45" wide with NO selvages (is there any such animal?) - otherwise I would piece the back or get some 60" wide, 1.5 yards.

Hope you can find someone to help you finish it.
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I use warm and Natural for all my quilts, wall hangings and quilted clothes.
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I made a quilt using the cross stitched Embroidered squares and didn't have a bunching problem. Another Lady did the embroidery and I made the quilt. It didn't look like she used a hoop. Maybe thread was pulled too tight on yours.

Welcome to this wonderful board lots of very knowledgeable people here. Sorry, I am not one of them.
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If the quilting lines are supposed to wash out then don't wet it. I advise caution on ironing as well in case that sets the quilting line ink. You might have luck by pinning the whole top out flat to stretch out the lumps. If you have a large carpet, lay out the top and place straight pins every 4 - 6 inches all around the edges anchoring it to the carpet for a couple of days. If possible make a large rectangle outline of blue painter's tape on the carpet so the top stays square when you stretch it.
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Welcome to the QB from OHIO! I wish I could help you with your problem, but I'm sure there are lots of others on here with good advice for you.
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