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Thread: Help! My sewing machine stopped working!!

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    It's the plug, imo. Be careful, too, or you could short out your machine's motor. Get someone handy (if you aren't) to examine the plug and the wiring and replace all of it, if necessary, or just the plug if that's the culprit.

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    I once went through a lamp-making phase. Changing a plug is easy. Take the cord with the plug on it to the hardware store to make sure you get the right one. Cut off the old plug and follow the directions on the package to put the new one on.
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    If you think you can handle the plug changing chores involved here, try it. If you don't know someone who might help you through this personally, take it to the repair shop and get an estimate before repairs are begun (and be sure and tell him/her not to spring any surprises on you when you come back to pick it up). Then watch CL and yard sales for a $5 or $10 machine as a spare.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitch's mom View Post
    Does your machine plug attach to a set of posts - either 2 or 3 - coming from the machine?
    Did you try another outlet?
    Is the wall part of the plug fitting tightly into the wall receptacle?
    Where were you when I needed this last July?! We were traveling with our camper - had just purchased a cute pattern, got all set up and the FW died on me. So I drug out the serger and found I'd left the blade cover at home. Couldn't use both...so I sulked, kinda, for a while. Took the FW to the LQS, they checked it out and put - you guessed it - a new plug on it. Works perfectly now. Live and learn.

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    I used to have a Kenmore years ago. When the light went out the sewing machine would not turn on. Maybe you should try a new light bulb first. Good luck.
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    Thanks to everyone for the ideas! I'm back up and running thanks to the plug ideas...yahoo!!!!

    I'd tried plugging other items into the outlet, and they worked fine. So I knew the problem was with the sewing machine or the cord. Suspicion being on the plug, since when I jiggled the plug end the sewing machine would come back on. The plug apparently died after awhile, and the machine now wouldn't turn on at all.

    I didn't realize that plugs could just die like that.

    I finally talked my spouse into looking at it. He replaced the plug, and I'm off and sewing again.

    A cheap spare is a good idea....hadn't given that a thought before now.

    I did go to Joann's and start browsing new sewing machines. Holy buckets! Talk about costly!
    I don't need anything that fancy. I'm happy if it's electric, has a few stitches on it, and it buttonholes. :-)

    For that kind of money, I feel that I need to do a lot of research...to be sure that I'm getting exactly what I want...cuz this will be a once in a lifetime purchase that won't be happening again anytime soon. The problem being that I don't have the time to do the research right now, I need to get the granddaughter's quilt done by her birthday in April. And I have a violin recital in March that I'm practicing for. No time for sewing machine research.

    It's probably one of those deals where I'll eventually buy the more spendy machine and then kick myself that I didn't do it years ago.

    Thanks again for the help you guys!
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    It's good you're back in business and an easy fix, too.

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    I concur it sounds like a plug problem. A small appliance place, or a manual on how to repair it, should be able you fix you up. Maybe there's an online video? If you take it to sewing machine repair place you now what their going to do......talk you into buying another machine.

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