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how do you avoid shaking hands with arthritic hands? >

how do you avoid shaking hands with arthritic hands?

how do you avoid shaking hands with arthritic hands?

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The 2 had method works, and I sometimes make sure I only make contact with the finger part of their hand so they cannot get a good grip on my sore joints.
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Politely but firmly explain that handshaking is painful for medical reasons. I have systemic lupus so I totally understand your feelings. Most people will be very understanding. And if they are not, their loss! Take care.
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Originally Posted by tealady
Maybe we need to bring back the etiquette of a curtsey.
or bow
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Originally Posted by Fusion
The 2 had method works, and I sometimes make sure I only make contact with the finger part of their hand so they cannot get a good grip on my sore joints.
That would work good cause with arthritis the problem is in the joints.Have you tried sports cream on your hands? I have a friend with RA and she puts it on her hands at bedtime and then wears cotton gloves. She tells me that her hands have quit hurting as bad as they used to.
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I have bad arthritis in my hands and I have found giving them my fingers and a very light feminine shake.

how to do it
when they reach to shake, grab their fingers have yours slightly bent, and place your thumb on the top of their fingers.
Do not place much pressure in the shake and most people will follow suit

I alway picture it much like in the way back when times when a lady would give her hand and the man kissed it. Well that is the hold I am doing for shaking.

Hope it helps and if its a really bad day then explain to them that your arthritis is acting up
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I work at a prison and EVERYONE there extends a fist - thumb up & we touch fists - not hit each others fists, just touch/meet. Works really well on my arthritic hand, so I use it "on the outside" too. It also helps reduce the spread of who knows what is on the other's hand.
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I don't think it's a matter of not being truthful or up front about it. I think it's more like someone grabs your hand before you have a chance to avoid it. By then the only thing to think about is the pain.

Originally Posted by samsews
Originally Posted by roseOfsharon
I believe in being upfront and truthful. Just say your arthritis keeps you from giving handshakes these days! But a smile and hello works just fine!
99% of the time if you give people a chance to understand by being upfront and truthful,they will. I would like to believe there is good in everyone,sometimes you just gotta dig a little deeper to find it. A friendly smile is as good or better than a handshake,some days a friendly smile is exactly what I need.
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Fiss bump is ver au curran, or eskimo kissin for thoze closes to yur heart.

i have healin crystalz that can fix her rite up lik knew.
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I have found that the best remedy that always works is to offer your left hand. I throws them off guard and keeps them from squeezing hard. ;) Done this many times and it always works. There are times that you can explain until you are blue in the face and they will still put a death grip on your poor hands. It isn't a matter of being honest or truthful...but for your own well being, offer your left. Good luck :)
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I also give a gentle touch to the arm as I greet them.
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