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I think they mate!

I think they mate!

Old 06-04-2012, 05:48 AM
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Default I think they mate!

I started organizing my sewing room over the weekend. I've been so busy the last several months that I would work on a project and just dump the scraps/etc. in a pile and then start a new project b/c I didn't have time to put everything away. When the piles got too big, I'd toss them into a tote so I didn't have to see them. Well, I'm tackling those totes now. I think my FQ mated and reproduced on me. I neatly folded fabrics as I came across them and have like 250 FQ. How on earth did I ever get that many FQ? I really don't remember buying some of them.

As far as organizing the FQ, I have them in a shoe organizer. On Sunday I purchased a 2nd shoe organizer for my less than about 2/3 of a yard WOF and have filled several spaces already. I have both sitting on their sides tucked under the leaf of my craft desk. I've got my yardage (about 2/3 yd & bigger) neatly folded on a coated wire storage unit. I've gone through two totes and have 5 or 6 more to go (not all have quilting stuff in them - some are just other craft stuff that I never got put away when I moved my craft stuff into the master bedroom a couple of years ago).
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I am in that process also...it is hard to work on the sorting for very long, but it MUST be done. You sound like you have a good system. I am out of room in my organizers and I don't have room for more. Maybe a hanging system from the ceiling? Good luck with your challenge!
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Old 06-04-2012, 06:41 AM
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Well of course they mate. They probably learned all about it from wire hangers.
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Yay !!! Thats awesome... i sooooo feel your pain.. for a month - on and off- ive been cleaning my sewing room.. I finally gathered up all the piles and dumped them on the couch so i HAD to go thru them... A week later I have them ( the lil scraps) organized in bins by the the GO sizes they are going to be cut into this morning..
From the big tumbler size scraps to pieces that will cover the 2x2 die...
My strips are in 4 categories: 2x3 for the register tape sewing, 2x upto10, Any x WOF, Any x larger than 10 but less than WOF....
the fqs are put away.....

And now off to slicing and dicing...

Have fun.....

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Old 06-04-2012, 09:23 AM
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It nice to know that you had more than you thought you did than less. Can you imagine the frenzy if fabric just dissappeared after a certain amount of time... or reduced its self to half of what you thought you had.
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I too have found that FQ mate and multiply -- I don't remember buying that many!! Then I found a stash of really long yardage -- I was probably thinking backs, but I didn't think I bought that much. I think my rulers multiplied too -- I found doubles and did not know I even had singles of some of them. Sigh -- no rest for the wicked.
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I have the same problem and can totally relate! I am constantly reorganizing and redoing my sewing room...seems like after every project. My hubby put in shelves all around the room for me...at my direction when we did this room. I am in a quandry as to what to do now because I'd really like some "box" type shelving to place on a couple of the existing shelves.... Would like to see pics of what you're doing.
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Originally Posted by sandy l View Post
Well of course they mate. They probably learned all about it from wire hangers.
My thread spools mate as well... in the dark... after I've turned the lights out for the night....
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You guys are just so funny thanks for a good chuckle
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Well, I am all for "go forth and multiply" but I do need to get mine under control - I think my stash learned from rabbits. I just need to organize it so I can complete all those half-finished projects. Wish I could teach my stash how to reproduce some of the new upcoming precuts - there are so many that I love - but don't want to spend that much money. Sigh!!!
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