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If your LAer sees something "odd" -

If your LAer sees something "odd" -

Old 08-31-2015, 08:05 PM
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As a former longarmer (for business).....I'd have called and asked her if she meant to have an oddball block. I sent a picture of one quilt's problem to a customer one time and asked what to do. She got mad and said it was fine, to work with it. THEN later she put me down to others because of HER error. LOL Joke was on her, my friends she complained to KNEW I'd called her before hand. I would NEVER have "fixed" a block like the problem one. Who knows why, but some quilters DO do odd things.
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Old 08-31-2015, 08:29 PM
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I volunteered to quilt a queen top that my sister made (started 20 years ago first and only quilt). I made sure she understood that I wasn't a professional quilter (domestic machine, never for money) and this would not be a perfect quilt job but it would be better than tying. She was pretty easy going about it. I motivated her to finish the top. While I was pinning the layers I noticed a bunch of little tucks. I decided not to even mention it to her. I'm in CA, she's in FLA. She understood this was not going to be a perfect quilting and I'm not sure she'd even notice them. I'm not sure I'll notice them when it's all done. I'm so glad I don't do this professionally.
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Old 09-01-2015, 12:30 AM
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It appears you are all saying the LA noticed the mistake. Sometimes this may not be the case in which case they will quilt not knowing there is a problem, and quilt it without realising any faults.

the quilt when it goes to the La should be checked by maker thoroughly.
The La can check and look over when delivered. If at this stage they should make a quick call
if La doesn't see. Mistake it is not their fault it is quilted over.

Good working relations need exist.
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Old 09-01-2015, 01:01 AM
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IF the LAer sees the mistake, I'd prefer #1. I'd consider it a courtesy call....

After all, if I looked it over several times and still missed the mistake, why should the LAer take the responsibility of finding it?
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Old 09-01-2015, 01:16 AM
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I would like for the LA to give me a call if she finds a mistake or something I've over looked.
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Old 09-01-2015, 03:53 AM
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Quilters know what they create. Calling a client to tell them they have subpar piecing skills that result in in a humped middle and wavy borders? No.
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Old 09-01-2015, 04:10 AM
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If it is a piecing mistake--a block turned the wrong way or something similar--a fresh pair of eyes will often catch what another pair of eyes has stared at for months. Yes I would definitely want to know and Iwould want to be the one to fix the problem. I would never ask my LA'er to do that.

If it is a case of a humped middle or borders so wavy that it is going to affect the total outcome--yes again I would want to know so that I can make the decision whether to still spend all that money for a sub-par outcome.

As for the LA'er just going ahead and fixing the problem and then telling me or not saying anything at all--absolutely not!!That would be insulting me!!
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Old 09-01-2015, 05:51 AM
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Originally Posted by UFOs Galore View Post
Quilters know what they create. Calling a client to tell them they have subpar piecing skills that result in in a humped middle and wavy borders? No.
If that is the way it is told to the customer
Then the LA shouldn't be in business. Letting the customer
know there may be a problem and asking permission
to do the best with the problem is being professional.
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Old 09-01-2015, 06:00 AM
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A couple of years ago I began long arming for a sewing buddy. I had done several of her quilts with no problem. On this one particular quilt when I got to the end, the bottom border was way too long. I removed it and took out the extra; thankfully it was the last border put on and not a side. I later did ask her how she 'measured' for her borders and suggested she measure through the center of the quilt method - which she wasn't doing. She was grateful for the suggestion and her quilt borders have been better since then. I was leery of bringing it up as I didn't want to feel like I was being critical of her work or knew more then she did (I don't -I'm always learning too,but she was grateful for the help. She makes gorgeous quilts.
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Old 09-01-2015, 06:22 AM
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I would want to know, then it is up to me to fix or ride that horse at 20 miles per hour durring a thunderstorm!!
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