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I'm still glowing

Old 12-22-2016, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by grmamrtha1 View Post
My daughter told me that even tho I've gotten into quilting, that she isn't a fan of quilts, so please don't make one for her. OK......Two years ago, I made a quilt for my DIL for Christmas, and my daughter saw it and said "I want one" to which I replied, "No you don't....you're not a fan of quilts, remember?" Her reply "I wasn't aware they could be so beautiful." My reply "Wonderful, I'd be delighted to make one for you, too." Her reply "Can I pick the colors?" My reply, "Most certainly" Right after New Years, my daughter showed up with a pattern, fabric and thread. I got to work on it, and before that was finished, my daughter showed up with 7 more patterns, with promises that fabric would be following. THEN she got engaged, they had a house built, with 3 bedrooms. Quilts on each bed, and she has two quilting frames that she has the alternate quilts on. At her open house, everybody came up to me to tell me how beautiful the quilts were. Glowing????? She was ESTATIC!!!! I've cut her off. She emailed a picture of the Dahlia quilt yesterday, and I told her not in this lifetime. Sorry, no camera, so no pictures. But I can tell you that she picked out some beautiful patterns and fabrics!!!
That is really something! So she wanted a paper pieced Dahlia quilt? I'd have cut her off too!
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Old 12-22-2016, 10:12 PM
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Originally Posted by GingerK View Post
A few weeks ago, while I was tucking in my oldest DGD--she'll be 8 next month--I commented that I thought it was time that we started thinking about a new quilt for her bed. She is still using the one I made for her big girl bed when she was 2. She got this stricken look on her face and said "But Nana I want to keep this quilt!" After I explained that any quilt I made her, would always be hers, she thought a new quilt would be a great idea, because then she would have a quilt for the top and bottom bunk beds (that Grandpa made her).
That is really sweet!
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Old 12-23-2016, 03:20 AM
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I don't know that I was "glowing", but I was speechless with humbleness.....A friend of ours was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer (after being treated for what they thought was gall stones). While she was receiving chemo, I made her a quilt in her favorite colors to help keep her warm during treatment. When she passed away, her DH asked me if I minded if she was buried in the quilt. She must have loved that quilt more than I thought. I just wanted to cry at that moment, but all I did was nod that it was ok.
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That's priceless! You should be glowing😍. I'm sure the remodel is awesome, but it's nice to know that your quilts are valued.
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Such a warm feeling when someone notices & appreciates your work. That's not the reason why we do them but it
certainly helps us to know that people do care !!
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My cousin's daughter and her family were stationed in our city for an assignment. I made them a Christmas quilt in appreciation for their military service and our love for their wonderful family. More than once she has texted me a picture when they have taken the quilt out to decorate for Christmas. She is not a quilter but appreciates gifts that come from the heart.
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I have two grandkids who appreciate homemade gifts and their quilts. When GD was in first grade she was "star of the day" and got to bring in something special to show the class. She selected her baby quilt, which I pieced, and it was hand quilted by her other grandmother, grandfather and great grandmother. She took it because so many people loved her enough to make it for her. That quilt is my avatar. (There's another story behind it that I won't go into, involving a fire just weeks before she was born but the quilt was saved from the nursery...I'm emotional about that quilt too!)

Just a few weeks ago her brother turned 8 and he has grown out of juvenile pirate theme for his room from toddler years and is into superheros. They are gradually adding superheros to his room. I sent him some wall decorations. He told his mom he is excited about it, but said, "I'll keep the pirate quilt, because Grandma made it for me." That wams my heart, but I know he has outgrown it. There will be a new Batman comfortor under the Christmas tree from me. I'm going to tell him he can continue to use the pirate quilt on cold nights, but it doesn't have to be his main decoration. I figure he'll be out the superhero phase by junior high and I'll tackle a bit more grown-up quilt in the future.
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Great stories! I always hope that one of my Project Linus quilts is a great comfort to a child who is scared and needs something to hold on to!
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Like many of you I have several quilting stories of people admiring my quilts (especially since I have them everywhere in my house) but this one...oh my gosh...My brother and I have had a rocky relationship for quite a few years until he matured enough to see how silly he's been. I had made quilts for everybody in the family and in the back of my mind I wanted to make one for him but needed to wait for the timing to be right (since he hasn't had a place to call home for long and would end up couch surfing etc) and I was also waiting for him to grow up enough to want to patch up our differences. Plus I never could settle on a pattern that seemed right for him. Well about 3 years ago I found a way for us to bridge our relationship gap and we have been in good communication since then and are actually enjoying each other. An answer to prayer really. Anyway I saw him post on facebook something about skateboarding with friends that he skated with over 30 years ago and I knew I had hit on something. I made him a jelly roll race quilt with masculine fabrics and then appliqued a big silhouette of a skateboarder on it. I didn't know he had still been skateboarding into his fifties, but it was and still is the best gift I could have ever given him. He posted a picture of it and said that he actually cried when he opened it (I had to send it in the mail since we don't live near each other). He still mentions it and shows it to everyone that comes to see him. I'm proud of it even if it was a pretty easy quilt to make. And every time I see the picture of it I'm reminded how nice it is to be reunited with a loved one.
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I worked in a large law firm. The attorneys I worked with received quilts for Christmas. I made two quilts that were raffled off to raise money for the Forgotten Children's Fund. Several of the babies born received quilts. When I moved to another firm the gift quilt I made for the holiday party was fought over and after the first one I had to disguise the bag or box the quilt was in because people wanted the quilt. The people I worked with received quilts on their birthday. I no longer work at either firm but people let me know they still have a quilt I made and apparently it was an honor to receive a quilt I made. I'm kind of surprised because the quilts are usually scrappy and traditional. I made them because I love to sew and sometimes people just need to be recognized. I think people appreciate and recognize the time you spent making something for them.
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