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I am in the market for a new iron. One iron is a 20 year old Rowenta that still works but not as hot as I'd like. Second iron is a 5 yr old Rowenta pro..top of the line.. both were well over $120. The newest leaks and sputters and having trouble with cord. I'm more than a little disappointed. I want a ..iron.. gives a better press as far as I'm concerned. Did a lot of reading this weekend. Was surprised to see that the CHI brand makes irons. Love their flat irons. Also Dyson makes an iron... have a 20 yr old dyson vac. Was wondering if anyone had experience with these or some other brand. I don't want a $20 iron.. but would be open to suggestions of mid range that are ..and on the heavy side. I'm sure many of you think over $100 is a lot to pay, but I like to look at them as an investment. Buying a new iron each year is not what I want.


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I had on Oliso that started hopping up & down when even after only 1 yr. I have had a Panosonic 360 cordless for the last 3 yrs & love it. It's hot, no cord to get in the way & has some weight to it. I have purchased a 2nd when Stitchin Heaven had a sale just in case.
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I have an older version of this iron. Mine is the Reliable Digital Velocity V100. I bought a reconditioned item, so the price was under $100, and that was about 8 years ago. The iron is heavy, it gets very hot, and its design prevents it from ever leaking. The steam is the best I've ever had in an iron.
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I'm still a Rowenta gal myself. But (IMO) it's really important with their irons in particular (and probably others as well) to make sure you are using the proper water in the iron as the directions stipulate - distilled or tap. Rowenta sells both. When using the properly directed water in their irons I've never in 30+ years had an issue with sputtering or leaking.

I also have a Europro Iron that I purchased at a home show after seeing demo'd initially at a quilt show. Again, distilled water and no leaking/sputtering issues unless I've overfilled.

Definitely need to check wattages prior to purchase vs price. Just because it's more expensive doesn't necessarily mean it gets hotter. I like the Rowenta because it is reasonably heavy but not horrible. And I like a heavy iron as well.

Well, this is silly. Trying to post and it tells me my message needs to be more than 10 characters!! Here's to trying again.

Fifth try is not the charm. Sigh.

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Just bought a new Rowenta as they get hotter than others I have bought...last one only lasted 3 years....but I have just resigned myself to buying a new one every few years especially now that I am retired and use my iron quite a bit.
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I have a Shark that gets plenty hot and is quite substantial in weight. I think it was around $40.00
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I have a Reliable Velocity that has 4-way auto shut-off. The 4th way is to completely
disable the auto shut-off. It resets if you turn the iron off. This iron has gotten buried
behind tons of fabric bins.

Ended up with using the iron I had purchased eons ago but had stopped using when
I started using an iron my hubs surprised me with. Within the last 3 months I have killed
2 cheap irons. So I bought a digital iron on Amazon below are the details.

Dcenta LCD Screen Steam Iron, 11 Temperature and Fabric Settings Steam
iron , Professional Grade Powerful 1800W, 3-Way Auto-Off, Self-Cleaning,

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OK, I have bought what I thought were good irons, as well as less expensive irons, and they all seem to last just a few years. So what I have decided to do from now on, is if I'm at a garage sale, or a thrift store, and I see a decent iron at a good price, I just buy it, if a used iron last a year or 2, good enough, if it winds up that I have hoarded a few irons in the closet, I'm OK with that, because when my iron dies in the middle of the night when I'm doing a project, which has happened, I just whip one out of my hoard and continue on my merry way. When I die and my children go thru my sewing room they will be horrified, but so it goes. Worse habits in life.
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I don't care about the brand as long as the iron is 1800 watts and heavy.
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I have 2 nice heavy irons one is a Black & Decker The other is an older Rowenta I rarely use this one. On the other hand I have a nice small iron that I am using right now on my cutting board's ironing pad and it does the trick 99% of the time. It gets very hot but does not have the weight of the other two.
I don't have a clue what is out there anymore. The Rowenta I picked up at a thrift store a couple years ago. I thought it would be great to have the higher end iron on hand, I just find I don't use it all that much.
I too have a couple other irons that are packed in boxes. They should be bought out to see how they compare to each of the others.
I know I am no help in helping you to decide what to get. But I am glad you are asking it may be just what I need to decide on my next iron. Thanks for asking and thanks for sharing.
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