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Old 03-13-2015, 08:50 PM
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Default Janome 8900QCP

does anyone have the Janome 8900 Qcp machine and can you tell me if you are happy with it??

I need to buy a new machine as my Husqvarna died and can not be fixed.. so on to a new machine

Went to the Janome dealer to look at the machines they had, I did some research on the internet about the Janome 8900 before and I really liked this machine and all that it had.. When I got to the dealer they didn't have the 8900 and tried to get me interested in a Brother the V series it was the VQ2400 Dream Creator new in 2014.. It looked like a really nice machine but I think I was sold on a Janome and really wanted to try one out..I had read lots of good things about this machine.. I wanted to get a machine that would do FMQ with a bigger throat space I also thought of the Juki 2010 but that one only had a 9 inch throat space and the Janome had 11 inches..

If anyone has Janome 8900 please let me know how you like it and what you don't like about it..

This is so hard buying a new machine I don't think I had this much trouble picking out a machine 20 years ago.. Maybe now that I am older I figure this may be my last machine and really want to get it right.. Thank you for your help...
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Old 03-13-2015, 10:47 PM
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I absolutely love mine! I've had it for just about two years and I'm convinced I can sew anything with it. FMQ is great right out of the box, with auto tension and plenty of space. This replaced a 7700, which had replaced a 6600. No regrets at moving up to the 8900.

One of the things I love is the large foot pedal. It's about twice the size of my old one.

I honestly can't think of anything I don't like about it, and I have a Juki as well (the 600) but prefer the 8900. One thing you should do is ask the dealer to throw in the Accufeed 1/4" foot and Accufeed Open Toe foot. They are all I use, except for the free motion foot, which comes with the machine.

If price is an issue, you could look at the 8200, which is the same except for the number of stitches (but still plenty) and the accessories that come with it.

Any specific questions?

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Old 03-13-2015, 10:49 PM
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I love my 8900, for sure!

the brother has superior bobbin loading and "auto"-threading systems, when compared to janome.
i mean really superior.

however, the 8900 QCP:
comes with the extension table
has a wider maximum stitch width
offers more optional feet for its dual-feed system

must confess, the brother Muv-it seems really strange to me.
i would have to check my manual, but i don't think the 8900 offers adjustments to the dual-feed. then again, i have never seen a need for adjustments. it's truly even feed. (there is virtually no "machine creep" using the regular feet, either.)
i didn't see a quarter inch foot available for the Muv-it; the open toe is not as open as the one available for the janome. like Lynda, i use both of those feet. couldn't "live" without them. i almost never use the regular feet. i'm also tickled pink by the freemotion foot system and the results.

ask the dealer bring an 8900 QCP into stock so you can test drive and compare the two machines before you make the final decision. if she refuses, hunt for a dealer that has one you can test.

i think you'd be thrilled with the 8900, but at that price point, i'd advise against making a commitment to buy something you have not been able to play with first.
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Old 03-13-2015, 11:27 PM
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I know someone on another board that has the v-series combo and an 8900 and I think she preferred her v-series, not sure why. I adore my v-series machine but have not tried an 8900. I would try to get to a dealer where you can test drive it because picking a machine just on specs is not the same as testing it. It can be daunting since there are so many nice machines out there and in so many brands it really makes it hard to decided. I do like having an 11inch harp and my dual feed muvit foot on my vseries. The piercing power is just phenomenal with it. I really do not have anything bad to say about my v-series machine and have been very happy with it for over 2 years now. It doesn't disappoint so I wouldn't discount it until you do your test drive of the 8900.
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Old 03-14-2015, 02:19 AM
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Have a 6600 which I love...but throat made it a bit hard for me, a new quilter, to sitd a queen size quilt...doable but not pleasant or easy for me. Was in the dealer's and trying the 8900----it was during a show and he offered me a new, in sealed box 8900 for less than the show price...snapped it up. It's now a year old ( just had its free service) and I'm very happy with it. Still like the 6600 for some things ( e.g., bobbin winder) but use the 8900 for everything and really appreciate the 11" throat. No complaints, very happy and GREAT dealer (Pocono Sew and Vac--an hour drive but well worth it. And they remember me when I'm there).

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Old 03-14-2015, 04:14 AM
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I have the 8200 which basically just has fewer stitches and it's really great. I bought it on a bit of a whim at a quilt show and I love it.

It sees through everything like butter and the FMQing is a breeze and looks great.

Lighting is very good and I find piecing and quilting on it a joy
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Old 03-14-2015, 06:28 AM
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I also purchased the 8200 instead of the 8900. I don't use all the special stitches on my 8200 and certainly don't need the extra ones on the 8900. It's great for free motion but you do need to use the single hole footplate. One thing it doesn't do well is thick seams but that usually not a problem with quilt blocks. Be sure to test the 1/4 seams with any foot as I had to move my needle to get an accurate seam size. There is a Yahoo group for the 7700 but people also post with their 8200/8900 machines. There are lots of good posts on that website. The machine is really quiet and that is a very good thing. My only complaint is having to lift the foot either on the machine or with knee lift. I'm a previous Viking person where it lifted automatically, the knee lift is too far to the right for me (I think because of the long size of the throat) but I've learned to be fine with the situation. BE SURE TO TEST DRIVE THE MACHINE before buying, we all like different things. Take your own fabric and a small quilt sandwich and test everything. I also got my lots cheaper at a quilt show.
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Old 03-14-2015, 06:29 AM
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I've owned my 8900 for over a year. I was able to FMQ right out of the box with it. I love the extra throat space and the wider foot pedal. My SITD is better too, the Acufeed feet seem to work better. It's not as picky with thread as my 6600 was. My husband keeps trying to get me to buy a second one on ebay!
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I have a 8900 and love it, have had it less than a year and have loved playing with it. works great, easy to follow owners manual, agree with all the above good comment's. Only thing I don't like is the auto thread cutting. Looks great on top, but leaves little tails on the back, I can get closer with my snips.(this may be operator error) LOL
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Well I went to a different dealer that had a Janome 8900 and try=ied it out and wow it is a nice machine, this is another question ...the dealer had 2 8900 one was the one with the red front and the other is the plan one.. she told me the red one was a limited edition.. that one was 2999.00 where the other 8900 with the plan front was 3999.00 don't know why it is more,any body know anything about the red front 8900//
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