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just had a realization about my sewing machine

just had a realization about my sewing machine

Old 09-16-2012, 04:39 AM
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Originally Posted by gayle bong View Post
You didn't say if you were quilting or piecing. That weight thread wouldn't normally be used for piecing quilting cotton, but quilting with it is okay. You didn't say how the tension was either. Perhaps the other C +C thread will be fine. I bet it is also 50 wt. I'd try the others before giving up with them.
i have also heard how different colors can affect the thread as well. Something to do with the amount of dye required can make it thicker. That could affect tension, so why not cause other problems.
Yes my machine is a newer machine. I had been using the gutterman. I ran out and just used the c&c that I had on hand. Did not really think anything about it. Then I began to notice the noise and funny sound. I thought oh no something wrong with my machine. I also noticed that the thread was pulling tight. I have an automatic tension on my machine. I tried changing this but did not make that much difference. And yes I am piecing a quilt at this time. After trying everything else I thought well go back to the thread that I was using. Behold that was the problem. I also have an older Sears kenmore machine. That machine has no problem with the C&C. I looked at the table of weights for C&C. Wow it seems that all of their threads are heavier threads. Just now noticing the weight of threads. I really had not paid attention to this in past. So I guess I need to research and study about thread weights more closely.
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My Viking and Brothers all like C&C but not Connecting Threads (breaks easy and has too much lint also thicker)
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I find that some threads snag in the machine, and I try and put them to one side for hand sewing.
I suppose that thread is the engine oil to a machine!
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I find C&C to be "lintier" than the other threads. It is also "lumpier". My Vikings don't like C&C either. I also find that C&C weakens over time, and breaks easily. If I am going to be making a quilt that hopefully will be an "heirloom" I want to use the best quality products I can afford. Therefore I will use a high quality thread such as Gutermann, YLI or one of the other better quality threads.
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No matter what thread brand one uses, one also must match the needle to the thread. If the needle is too small for the size of thread that will also cause problems. I only use topstitch needles, matching my thread size to needle size and my Horizon will accomodate any thread.
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If you are using c&c #35 thread it is probably quilting, top stitch, or buttonhole thread. You could have alo picked up a spool of hand quilting thread, which is TERRIBLE for your machine. It has a coating on it to make it easier to hand quilt, but gums up your machine. The other, larger threads will be ok in your machines, you just need a larger needle with a larger eye, and perhaps an adjustment to top tension.
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I had a problem with gutterman (my favorite) for a small time. Kept balling up in the needle making a mess so I changed the needle and haven't had a problem. I wouldn't give up on your regular thread just give it a little bit and sneak it in on the machine. Sometimes there could be a little machine cranky problem (MCP) and it just wants to be tempermental.
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When I worked in a quilt shop a few years back, we sold Husqvarna Viking machines and were told by the rep. that European made machines need to use European made threads because of the way the threads are twisted and dyed mwhich is the oposite (the twist) from the American made threads. The European made machines are designed to specifically take European made threads. I use Gutermann, RA, Mettler,Sulky, and some others that don't come to mind right now. My FW will use most anything..bless her sweet little heart! You can have the same problem with needles...I use Klasse' and Schmetz in my HV machines and my Janome and Singer in my Singer machine.
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Originally Posted by craftychick View Post
I used Coates and Clark thread in my Singer and it worked perfectly fine. Then I bought a Pfaff. An expensive machine likes expensive thread. I can't use anything less then 50 wt thread in it. I've been buyuing my thread at Connecting Threads and it seems to be a perfect combination with the machine.
Crafty, thanks for the info on this. I just bought a Pfaff and wondered about the thread.
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I've used quite a bit of C&C in the last 50+ years. Lately I have found Dual Duty XP to be somewhat inconsistent in thickness. When I get a consistent spool my Pfaff likes it just fine. When I have problems is when I find the treat thickness changing from thinner to thicker and back again.
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