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This is probably not new to the rest of you, but I have recently bound several quilts in a row for a friend. I machine sew mine to the back, then hand stitch to the front, but in the interest of time, I did these entirely by machine. After struggling to fold over the binding to stitch it in place, I thought about ironing it first. What a difference! Now, after applying the binding to the back, I iron it along the seam, then fold it over and iron the fold into it. Much less resistance for the final decorative sewing. Just thought I'd share.
This is how I apply all my bindings. Except, I use a edge joining foot for the top stitching on the binding, on the front. I cut my binding 2.5ins, folded in half, stitched on back, then pressed, folded to front and stitched on using the edge joining foot. This allows me to to place the edge of the binding next to the guide on the foot, and move my needle close to the edge as I want for that particular quilt. Since I have been doing this, I have lovely straight seams and the back looks nice too, most times it falls in the ditch of the binding seam on the back.