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New Janome 6600 ~ and have a few questions!!! >

New Janome 6600 ~ and have a few questions!!!

New Janome 6600 ~ and have a few questions!!!

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Default New Janome 6600 ~ and have a few questions!!!

Hello ....

I am fairly to to this forum and have re-discovered a love of quilting. Did this about 25-30 yrs. ago, when everything was done by hand (or at least we did). And cut all fabric, after marking, with scissors!!! Loving all these new short cuts ..... cutting mats, rotary cutters and jelly rolls (next to try).

We are having our first grand baby (a girl) in July and I made a rag quilt for her; and just finished a queen-sized rag quilt for me and my husband (just need to do a LOT of clipping!!) lol

And so, a few weeks ago I decided to upgrade my Bernina Record 730 for the Janome 6600 .... and absolutely LOVE it!! But I do have a couple of questions.

(1) How often do you have to clean the lint out of the bobbin area??? On my Bernina, I did it quite frequently (like every other bobbin change) and it was easy ~ just snapped off. But this one you need to unscrew and I've not done it yet (and thinking I'm afraid of ruining something in there)!! Sooo, off-hand, how many bobbin changes do you go thru before you clean out this area???

(2) The little button that is a KNOT. Does it really KNOT and SECURE you stitches??? I have always backstitched and was using this, and on some of the blocks for this last rag quilt, it looked like some of the seams were NOT secure.

So, does this button, REALLY make a KNOT .... I don't see one, nor feel one. And do you feel it secures your thread???

I am SO LOVING the thread cutter .... how cool is that. Until I started researching machines, I'd never even heard of that. My Bernina is 43 years old and still works (sews slowly tho); and I knew I could NOT afford another Bernina, and am loving the Janome.

And I read thru your questions/answers and have learned soooo much from this board. Hoping someone can help me out with the couple of questions I have!!



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I have the Janome 7700 (the big sister to the 6600) and used to have the 6500 (the little sister). I clean the bobbin area out after every project -- more often if sewing flannel or fleece. To clean it, you take it apart and remove the bobbin holder -- there is a red dot that helps you get the holder back in place. Clean lint out of everywhere -- even the depressions in the feed dogs. Do NOT take the fuz out of the center hole under the removable bobbin holder as that is supposed to be there . If you are careful, you should have no problems.

That little button that looks like a knot puts 4 or 5 stitches in one place -- it is secure but it does create a bit of a lump. Most folks use either really small stitches at the end or a couple of back stitches.

Here is a link to a group you might want to join -- there are a lot of folks with your machine in this group and a lot of good information: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Janome6500/
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Old 06-05-2012, 12:30 AM
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Hi, I too have the 6600 and really love it.
As for how often you need to clean the bobbin area....it really does depend on what you are doing and what you are using.
I discovered Aurifil thread a little while ago and have been pleasantly suprised at the very low lint it produces, but then some of the fabrics I use can in themselves produce a lot of lint.
To clean just unscrew the plate with the funny triangular metal screwdriver...it fits under the machine much easier than the normal screwdriver, pop the bobbin race out and use your lint brush. sometimes I just run the brush attachment on my vacuum over it to suck out anything deeper......a word of caution here, make sure you have put the screws somewhere safe....it is a pain trying to get them out of the vacuum (don't ask how I know !!!)
I tend to clean often to keep the thread cutter free of lint as I love that feature on the machine.
The only issue I have with the 6600 is the paint quality. I tend to put everything on to a scrap of fabric rather than on the machine as it does tend to scratch easily.

As for the lock stitch button ...someone else has answered that perfectly....I do however use mine most of the time and never have a problem with a stitch coming undone.

Hope you have great fun with the machine....It took me a while to get used to mine having used Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff before but I wouldn't change it now for anything. If ever you get a tension problem especially when FMQ just press the up/down needle button....it resets your tension and works brilliantly.....happy sewing

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There's a Yahoo Janome group just for people who have 6500's and 6600's. There's lots of information there.
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Thanks Ladies ....

appreciate the quick responses. So, before I do any more sewing, I will take a look see and clean out the lint in the bobbin area. And I will also *test* that locking stitch. I never really gave it a thought ~ but just love it (that and the scissors!!).

I am so enjoying this machine. Well, AFTER the first night. At 61 years, I can't adapt to toooo many new gadgets on this machine; and one I DON'T like is the start/stop button. Love the foot pedal. Well, I unpacked this after store hours and could NOT find the cord for the foot pedal. Was sure they forgot to put it in the box. And later that evening I was going thru the manual and accounting for ALL the parts/pieces and did NOT see a cord for the foot pedal. Well, you KNOW where it was .... simply attached and tucked in the foot. And, of course, on my Bernina, it's just THERE!!! It's funny now, but not so when I thought it was missing.

One thing I really miss with this machine (and I think ANY new machine no matter how much $$$ they cost), is a hard case that STORES everything that comes with the machine .... * attached table (for free arm machines) * foot pedal with cord * cord for the machine and even * a handy thingie that holds threads, bobbins w/3 drawers for the feet and other misc. items.

Those days are gone. Hoping I can get this new Janome out of my dining room and set up in our spare BD upstairs. Then I can just leave everything out.

Oh, and thanks for the info on that Yahoo group ... I'll have to check it out!!!

Thanks again
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I have one and I love it. I use the locking stitch on rag quilts and never noticed a problem. As a general rule I clean out the bobbin and oil the wick after each project.

I bought the table with mine and it has a drawer that all the attachments fit in.

You will enjoy it. I never use the start stop button on it but I suppose I would if I didn't have good foot control. I love the knee lift and use it all the time.
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