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Default Nolting funquilter

I Need Help!!! I purchased my nolting funquilter from a quilt show in July. I am ready to send it back! I have used about 30 yards of fabric for practice trying to adjust the stitches, the tension and just learn the feel of the machine. I have called and emailed the company, calling I get a better response. They say I need to adjust the tension with every quilt, different fabric and batting makes a big difference. Really? But the machine is still not what I expected to have in a long arm. The tension is not right. I can go straight and the tension is fine, but when I make a curve or a circle - anything but straight - the bobbin thread comes up and loops, and the top thread goes really tight. Obviously a tension issue, except why does it do fine if I go straight, why on curves? The nearest Nolting quilt instructor who has agreed to help me is five hours from where I live. It might be a great machine - but without support I can't see it as being my dream. Is this my problem because I don't make the machine go slow enough or fast enough? I am winding my bobbins on my Bernina - is that a problem? Am I not using the stitch regulator right? Biggest question of all - should I go back to hand quilting? Is this the learning curve? What can I do? Any advise is appreciated.

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30 yards of fabric? IMO they certainly should have been able to figure out your problem by now.
Do you have Skype? Perhaps you can do a Skype call so you can actually show them what is happening in real time.
I'd certainly be unhappy if it wasn't working after all this time.
As for the tension, Jamie Wallen has a video on how to check the tension of your bobbin that people refer to all the time. Maybe have a look at that first off?
And no, it isn't time to go back to hand quilting, it's time for Nolting to get their act together and offer you some support to help you fix this.

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I don't have that machine but it took me only one practice piece for my used HQ16. I can do a curve with no problem and I do not have a SR. Is there a Yahoo group for your machine? You may find someone quite local who could come over and help. I have a friend with one in Florida and she really likes it. She does lots of customer quilts. The Skype idea is a good one.

I stick with the same combo for my prewound bobbins and top thread. I use Superior prewounds and Connecting Threads Essential Pro. I never have to adjust the top thread but do tweak the bobbin every time I change to a new one. I quilt just for myself and a few friends so I do not need a huge amount of different thread.
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I just sent you an email
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Here's the link to the Jamie Wallen you tube on setting the tension. This is how I set mine, I don't have a Nolting, but it's a good place to start. You do have to check, and possibly adjust the tension with every quilt you load. Thread, batting, backing, amount of piecing can all have an impact.
If you are having tension issues on curves, you may need to slow down.
One thing that hasn't been mentioned is the tension on your frame. You can have thread tension issues if the sandwich is loaded too tightly. You should be able to poke your finger up from underneath the quilt and grab it with your other hand.

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Originally Posted by PaperPrincess View Post
If you are having tension issues on curves, you may need to slow down.
I was wondering about that. I don't have a long arm, but I know when I FMQ on my DSM problems on the curves are usually a result of me moving too fast on them. If I slow down on the curves, I'm usually okay.
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Not getting help with the tension after all this time does not sound good.
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I learned on a Nolting hobby quilter..(store that I worked at).I just loved it, there was an issue with certain threads breaking but did not have problems with tension. We did not have stitch regulator but we were able to do a good job of keeping a good stitch. We had about three persons running the machine and did not have any problems. When did run into a problem we called Nolting and talked to their tech person and he was able to talk us through the repair.

I do know that most of the machines like a tightly woven bobbin..do know if that makes a difference of which machine you wind the bobbin with.

I now have a HQ16 and am very happy with it.
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I don't have this machine...but know that when I had similar tension issues...I rewound a new bobbin (I usually use my sidekick winder.) used the long arm itself to wind...and solved the problem. Good luck...frustrating as all get out, I know from experience!
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Thanks for the link Paper Princess!
Hang in there first sargeant's lady. The more you use that long arm, the more fun it will be!! (Although I still have bald patches from tearing my hair out at the start!!)
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