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Old Kenmore - broken gear

Old Kenmore - broken gear

Old 11-23-2013, 09:05 AM
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Take it to a Janome (sp?) dealer (repairman). It is a rebadged Janome so it may be cheaper to get it fixed there and they will know what model Janome it is for parts. I had one a few years newer (1989) that I loved.
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Originally Posted by Ellietow View Post
Almost the end of the story... I couldn't bear to leave the machine in California, so I brought it home with me in September. Two weeks ago I brought it into a sewing machine company that does repairs on both domestic and industrial machines.. They said, $50 plus parts... For a broken gear? But, I left it with them. I picked it up last week, and the technician (who's been doing this 30+ years) said he cleaned it, lubed and greased it, and adjusted the belt...he said he didn't see a broken gear... I did a test sew, and although the hand wheel was a little stiff, it was not a problem to advance it, like it was before. So, for $56, I have my Kenmore back... 30 day warranty, so I've made a self-mitered baby blanket, and now I have a quilt to piece... It sews so nicely... Hope all continues to go well and that it doesn't freeze/seize up on me!
I wish I could find someone like that, around here!
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go to the vintage sewing board/area here on the Quilting Board and see what you can do there those people are very helpful.
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Originally Posted by Candace View Post
What he means by prohibitive is for the labor and part, you're looking at about $150. You can buy 4 or 5 of those machines on CL for that. And honestly, if you love the machine so much, why don't you start looking for one? I bet you see someone list the same model in the near future. We have Kenmores on our local CL constantly. And I bet you can get one for much less than repairing yours. It will be the same machine and you will be happy once again:>
This is exactly what I intended tell you. You can often buy one of these machines for $25! Even $50 is a steal for one of these old Kenmores. Good luck in your hunt! Sorry, I posted this before I read all the other postings, and hadn't seen that you were able to fix your machine. Hope it runs for another 35 years for you!

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