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Pre washing flannel precuts???? >

Pre washing flannel precuts????

Pre washing flannel precuts????

Old 01-05-2018, 05:54 PM
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Default Pre washing flannel precuts????

I have the most awesome flannel rag quilt to make out of these precut flannel pieces (picture attached). I am very concerned about colors running when this is washed...and since it is a rag quilt, it will be washed numerous times. And we all know how flannel can shrink!!! I have always pre washed my flannel, and I have experienced extreme shrinkage in some instances. But I know you shouldn't prewash or dry precuts, as they will ravel themselves into oblivion..especially flannel!! And I have never purchased precut flannel before. I couldn't resist this...the fabrics are adorable!!!

Please let me know what you have done that worked well for you, to avoid color run and shrinkage on flannel precuts. I am not going to touch this until I hear some words of wisdom from members of this awesome group. Thanks in advance for any advise or suggestions!!
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Old 01-05-2018, 08:21 PM
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i would buy a mesh lingerie bag and put the pieces in it.

then i would soak rhem in very hot water in a sink, large kettle, or bucket for at least an hour. ( like colors together - just in case there is a bleeder.)

i would rinse them.

my dryer will let me start at the spin cycle - so i would spin them

i have a drying rack - and would hsng the pieces on that.

there should be min8mal raveling doing it that way.

it is a bit of a bother to wash little bits of fabric - but i actively dislike unpleasant surprises.

i also prefer to get most of the shrinkage out of the way because i prefer a flatter look.
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Old 01-05-2018, 08:40 PM
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I think it was the pattern Jumping Jacks that Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt co. working with cotton and flannel. She said not to prewash flannel pre cuts. You might want to watch that videos to see what else she said. I think it was something about holding your flannel up to the light to see if you can see holes. Good quality flannel you should not see holes and the shrinkage will be minimal.

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I would not prewash precut flannels if I was making a rag quilt. After made, I would only wash in cold water to make the flannel ravel.
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I'm sorry -- I'm not a very experienced quilter, but first, I know I wouldn't buy "flannel" precuts. As a matter of fact, I don't buy any precuts because I don't want to deal with the problems inherent with those products. It is my person opinion that flannel precuts, unwashed as far as you know, are an invitation to disaster. JMHO
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I wouldn't wash them either - omg, the raveling would be such a pain in the butt to deal w/!!! (even in the bag). When you quilt the quilt, that will stabilize the fabric, minimizing the shrinking and allowing the raveling. I don't ever prewash flannel when i use it on the back of a quilt.
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Old 01-06-2018, 03:57 AM
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I never prewash my flannels when making a raggy quilt. I’ve never had a flannel fabric bleed color. I’ve never prewashed precuts. And, I’ve never had a quilt not turn out because of these practices. Flannel raggy quilts come out great. I made one from precut flannel 9” squares that turned out so great.
I only wash a new made raggy quilt once, I clip, take it outside & shake it really good, wash it in a normal cycle. Take it outside again & shake it good then toss it into the dryer. I take it out every 15-20 minutes to shake it again & empty the lint trap until it’s done. Fabulous soft, cozy much loved quilts.
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I think the best option is to make the quilt without pre-washing. This sounds contradictory because I am normally a pre-washer, I have had flannel that shed a lot of dye in the wash, and I have had flannel that shrank very unevenly. Some of it has been cheap flannel, but some of it has been the "good stuff". Still, I would not want to pre-wash flannel pre-cuts. (I would pre-wash it if it were yardage, even FQs.)

When I make a rag quilt I use 3 layers of flannel and no batting. In your case, the center layer could be white or grey or lavender - whatever color blends with your flannel pre-cuts. That way there's no quilting necessary, because the 3 layers are sewn together and have no chance to shift around. Even if some of the flannels shrink unevenly when the quilt is first washed, I don't think that would be a problem with a rag quilt. Use some color catchers in case any of the fabrics bleed.
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I made several rag quilts a few Christmases ago and didn't pre-wash the flannel. I bought yardage so I can't vouch for pre-cuts but I wouldn't wash them. I use regular cotton pre-cuts and never wash them first.
My quilts came out fine.
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I am a pre-washer. I made a small flannel rag quilt with precuts. I never prewashed. The quilt came wonderful, if there was shrinkage, it was all the same. This quilt has been washed many times, I use it in my fur babies, kennel. She loves it.
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