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linynp 06-22-2012 10:47 AM

Mmmm me thinks I know! Same place as all my stuff. In that safe spot so you don't forget and then promptly forget lol!

MimiBug123 06-22-2012 10:48 AM

I lost my car! When I came out of WalMart, I walked all over the parking lot-no car. I got the security man to help me and we still couldn't find it. I called hubby to tell him I was going to call the police and he gently reminded me that I drove the truck because I was also going to stop at Lowe's to pick up some chair rail. DUH! I have totally given up on finding anything in my sewing room. I have reorganized it twice this year so it would be more user friendly. NOT!

deenatoo 06-22-2012 11:00 AM

I am almost as bad...I lost a 4 yard piece of fabric that I bought for a friend...I have not been able to replace it...it is somewhere in my house....

Originally Posted by quiltstringz (Post 5303036)
If it makes you feel any better I lost a 7 yd piece of fabric (someone else's - luckily I was able to replace it) and still haven't found it. That was about 4 years ago - it is very well hidden

deenatoo 06-22-2012 11:07 AM

I just realized something...the same friend who I lost the fabric for....she did almost the same thing. She borrowed a pattern from me and then kept asking me why I hadn't brought it to her. I had searched my house high and low for it...come to find out...she already had it....lol...the older I get the worse it gets...can't remember where I put it so I would be able to find it again....

MacThayer 06-22-2012 11:13 AM

I was working on the "Craftsy" Blocks of the Month (2 each month), and I was all the way through March, so that's 6 blocks. I kept them in a "safe" place, because once finished, they would make a small quilt. Then they went missing. And I mean I tore my sewing room to pieces looking for them, I was so desperate. I had all kinds of quilting pieces in with those blocks, so it wasn't just the blocks, although they were most important. So I carried on with doing the Blocks of the Month, and went back and did all 6 blocks from the first 3 months all over again. And guess what I found in my sewing room yesterday. . . . aaaarrrrrggggguuuuuuhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Molokai Tutu 06-22-2012 11:15 AM

was making a king size patch quilt and looking for my "3 " quilters cards with the measurements, well had to call people with king size beds..Still looking...........

skothing 06-22-2012 12:40 PM

I lost 3 doll quilts I bought at "always in stitches" in grove city, ohio at the closing sale. I can't find them. The have vanished into thin air. I feel your pain.

CanoePam 06-22-2012 12:48 PM

Ever heard of "The Borrowers"? According to a children's book by Mary Unton, they are the tiny people who live in our homes. They "borrow" our things to use. I read the book series 40+ years ago, but I am sure an entire family of borrowers live in my sewing room. Who could doubt their existence after these stories LOL!


craftyneedle 06-22-2012 02:22 PM

Been there, done that. I was trimming blocks at my cutting table, and went to put some bits of fabric (tiny pieces) in the trash can -- I glanced down and saw a FQ laying in the trash! It had fallen off the table into the trash can. I also found a small pair of scissors there. Now I go through all my scraps/trash before I empty that trash can!

duckydo 06-22-2012 04:38 PM

The borrowers take them,,, they are the little people that live in the floor registers and they come out at night and take your stuff....

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