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question about sending a quilt out for quilting

question about sending a quilt out for quilting

Old 11-28-2015, 07:40 AM
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Default question about sending a quilt out for quilting

I have never sent a quilt out to a long arm. I have thought about it and I even asked about pricing.. but I am working on one for a wedding gift, so I am thinking about sending the quilt out. There is a question that I never asked the long armers so I am betting you ladies know... and maybe each long armer is different I have no idea. But when you give a long armer your quilt, do you have to layer and baste it? Or you do you just give them the quilt top, backing and batting and they take it from there - doing the layering themselves
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They do the layering themselves
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Every long arm quilter has their own way of doing things. When you decide on who you are going to send it out to you probably need to ask what their request from you would be. I have worked with 3 different long armers and they all require different things. I have never basted my quilts but I have laid them out with top, batting and backing after ironing the top and bottom. Good luck.
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Three separate pieces. Also back and batting must be larger than top in order to accommodate attaching to longarm. I ask for four extra inches on each of the 4 sides but it is best to ask your longarm person what they require. Also each longarmer may have particular requirements for preparation.
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Definitely talk to your quilter about do"s and do not's. Mine provides batting so I don't have to worry about that. Just make sure your backing is "so many inches" bigger than top. I have quilted some of my own and I think it's important to have your backing squared up, pressed and selvedges trimmed off if piecing. But, definitely let your quilter tell you.
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Usually, you would not layer and baste the layers together as they need to be loaded separately on the frame - basting them together prior to loading may cause puckers on the front or back or both. Do make sure that you have spoke with whomever you are going to have quilt it and send/take enough backing and batting to extend out beyond the sides of the top.
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You don't layer the top, the quilter will. Some quilters will have a selection of batting, so you may not need to provide your own. The quilter will tell you how large the backing needs to be and if they will accept a vertical seam or even a sheet.
You need to do some research to avoid any disappointments. If possible, get referrals from friends. If you can't do that, ask to see some of the quilter's completed work. Plan on spending some time when you drop the top off. The quilter will probably have ideas, but the more input you can provide the better. If you see a photo of a quilt you like, print it off and bring it with you.
Insist on something in writing. If the quilter doesn't have a formal contract, then at least write something up by hand. At a minimum, it should state the size of the top, type of batting, and thread to be used. The type of quilting should be spelled out: custom, all over, panto etc. If a panto is used, the name of the panto should be stated. The price should be listed. An approximate completion date should be specified. Make sure your name and phone number is clearly listed. You both sign it and each gets a copy. And finally, you and the quilter should look the top over to make sure they don't see any issues.
If you have used a quilter several times, you can probably trust their judgment and don't have to be so formal, but the first time using someone you should be cautious!
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Many long-arm quilters want to supply the batting from their store, because they buy it on rolls and get a better price than a retail customer can get. Also it is necessary to have your BACKING fabric extending beyond the front by about 8 inches. If your quilt top was 72 x 80, then your BACKING should measure 80 x 88 inches. (after pre-shrinking and cutting off all selvedges). This results in quite a bit of "waste" of your backing fabric, and you should ask up front for all your trimmings to be returned to you, whether or not you want the long-arm quilter to bind your quilt. Make sure you know all the charges, because you may be shocked if the quilter charges fees beyond the "per square inch" charge that they will quote you. Get everything in writing FIRST. For example, if you have a wide border around your quilt, the long-arm quilter may suggest doing a different design AROUND the center. This will add to the cost of having your quilt done for you.
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All good suggestions here. breakdown; ask for referrals, ask longarmer for requirements, get it in writing. I know a LA who has everything in writing and emails to her clients what those are.
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The LAer's by me have all their information on their websites -- extra inches required on back, what batting they use/allow, why type(s) of quilting they do & price per inch for each & so forth.
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