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Quilting using old clothes

Quilting using old clothes

Old 08-08-2012, 09:20 AM
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Hi. Our group does charity quilting. Often times we are donated good clothing to use. Its washed ,then cut out all seams,zippers and such. We do not use any worn spots like hem edges. Mens shirts work well. Yard sales here in Ok towards the end will often sell a whole bag of cotton cloths for $1.00 You can use any pattern. Scrap quilts have a charm all their own. Does not take long to build a stash if you ask your friends and family for any scraps left over from sewing. Hope this helps some. Okie quilter
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I do a lot of quilts from used clothing. It started long ago when my girlfriend lost her Daughter in an accident. I helped her husband clear out the baby cloths which he said to throw away. I used them to make a quilt for my girlfriend. It was about 3 years before I gave it to her. She sat down and cried. It hangs on the wall in the den with a picture of Linda. She to this day says thank you for the memory quilt.
I have at this time done about 80 of the memory quilts for loved one both young and old.
The back of shirts are great for quilts as they get very little use.
I have made a memory quilt out of their clothing for each of my children that was presented to them at the birth of their first child.
I have one that is on my bed that is made from my fathers shirts. I am always happy under that quilt because it feels save and wram in my fathers arms.
I could go on.
Yes clothing makes great fabric for quilts.
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I love making memory quilts out of clothing. I have made several & am working on two now. I use anything the people give me. The lighter fabrics I put a fuze able webbing on the backs to make them heavier. I also use old blankets & mattress liners for batting & sheets for backing. I get all these at yard sales & the good will. I cut costs where ever I can. Everyone I know saves all their denim for me & I have made & sold many denim quilts. I have even used bed spreads for batting & if they are like new, have used them for backing on the denim quilts. So, just about anything is do able.
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You must be awfully young to ask this question! My grandmother made quilts out of the parts of my grandfather's shirts that weren't worn out and out of her sons' and daughter's outgrown clothing. People on this board are forever showing off their garage and estate sale fabric finds--they have no idea about the background of lots of that fabric. At our last quilt guild meeting, the presenter--who has Ph.D. in textiles--showed several dozen quilts that she had made of such a great variety of fabrics that my little fabric democratic heart was pittypatting every minute. Many, if not most of her quilts were cotton/polyester blends. The binding had worn out on some, but the colors were as bright as the day the quilt was made. One was made of red corduroy. Several were made of some interesting fabric mixes.

Use what you've got and what will give you pleasure. If you are making quilts to be loved and used, they are going to wear out anyway. If you are making heirlooms that's another story, but not one I don't know anything about. froggyintexas

Originally Posted by prairie_girl View Post
With the price of fabric and everything else rising it is getting harder and harder to afford fabric for quilts. Although there are lots of beautiful fabrics out there, I would rather put food on the table for my kids.

I am wondering if anyone makes quilts using old clothes and if you have pictures of these quilts to show. Is there anything in particular you look for when purchasing used clothing for quilting? What do you use for batting?

I don't have a 'stash' so working from that is not feasible.

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Has anyone made a quilt out of Baby Bibs? My DIL gave me a box full from her babies and some are gorgeous. I am thinking of making a quilt using baby bibs. My dilema is, do I just fold over the neck part or cut them off and stitch in place.
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Old 08-08-2012, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by valleyquilter View Post
Has anyone made a quilt out of Baby Bibs? My DIL gave me a box full from her babies and some are gorgeous. I am thinking of making a quilt using baby bibs. My dilema is, do I just fold over the neck part or cut them off and stitch in place.
If you were going to make a wall hanging with the bibs - and they had ties - stitch the bibs on to a background, and then tie the ties for a three-dimensional look.
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My suggestion would be to tell friends and family you're looking for free clothing, sheets, etc to quilt with. Be specific for what you would like. You could end up with a ton of stuff, good luck!
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yes why not my grandmother and all those before her used what they had. Why can't we?
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Originally Posted by kydeb View Post
Check out Bonnie Hunter's site (quiltville.com). She uses lots of clothing items for her quilts.
That's what I was going to say.
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Originally Posted by Ellageo View Post
A dear friend passed 4+ years ago, I used his shirts & a pair of work pants to make his wife Katie, what I call.."Hugs from Heaven".. I made my 3 stepdaughters small quilts from their mothers blouses also.. I've used old curtain panels on a quilt..Fabric is fabric, 'til you cut & sew, then it may become a quilt!!
That turned out sooo nice! I love the lay out/pattern you used.
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