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Quilting Wisdom you have gained along your quilting journey...

Quilting Wisdom you have gained along your quilting journey...

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Originally Posted by Onebyone View Post
Borders were my dread. Piecing the long strips, sewing them on, keeping them flat, and an all around hassle for me. I decided why do it the way that was hard for me. Now I sew the border on each edge block like sashing. It is so much easier and I get perfect borders every time. it's easy to sew a pieced border this way as an extra block on each end of the row and cross the top and bottom.
With my last quilt that I put borders on, I told myself NEVER.AGAIN.... I do "Quilt as you Go" and this sounds great! I hated putting on long borders and quilting them before attaching them with sashing to the quilt. This is definitely going in my project instruction folder! Sometimes you really need those borders for size or looks!
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Originally Posted by SusieQOH View Post
My little tip is this: If I'm not enjoying the process I let it go and move on. Just like reading a book. Life is too short and there are too many quilts and books out there for me to work on one I don't enjoy.
What a great way to say this. A breath of fresh air, instead of letting oneself get stressed out!
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I'm slowly learning to give myself a break! I'm my own worst critic when it comes to quilting. I am a perfectionist, and strive to do things that way. So my tip is to cut yourself some slack, and quit looking over your shoulder for those pesky quilting police!
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I don't know which site I learned this but it works very well. If you are sewing a sashing on and it is cut to the correct specifications but still seems to grow when sewing it one, I put it on the underneath side and the block so the feed dogs will pull it along where the top (presser footO can cause it to stretch. No more trimming needed. When sewing 1/2 square triangles or 1/4 square triangles, I use a glue stick to match the points, use clips instead of pins to hold it in place, then sew where I can see where the seams cross and sew just to the right of the intersection. I like to use an open toe presser foot for sewing pieces. Also I found the tape which shows the center line which goes under the needle and the 1/4 inch for the seam. This helps guide the entire piece with the 1/4 inch instead of just by the needle.
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Discipline. Patience.
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Originally Posted by Stitches23 View Post
Enjoy the process and don't get hung up on perfection. Learn from mistakes and keep sewing - cause it's what we love to do. (We are much harder on ourselves than others - so don't sweat the small stuff!)
Yes, definitely - perfection is highly overrated.
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  • Safety first.
  • Straighten up/organize after finishing
  • Adjust needle position before attaching zipper foot, otherwise I ruin my needle when I try to sew!
  • Buy extra for large backgrounds
  • If you love the fabric, get it. It won't be there later.
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Take other people's opinions with a grain of salt. Do what makes you happy. I have been told the same quilts were "too modern" by one person and "too traditional" by another, in the same day. Also had a craft show jury say they were too much alike but there was no consistency.

Also, I learned over the years that I am my own worst critic. I would agonize over colors only to have the recipient love it no matter what. Or I would ask a customer which hand quilting pattern she would like, and she would tell me "whatever you think is best." So I learned to trust my own judgment.
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This is such a great thread. It seems many of us are our own worst critics and I am too. But once a quilt is all done I find it rare to find the imperfections that I was so worried about. Yes, we want to do our best....... and we do!
My husband is a great "curator" of sorts. He can never find anything wrong with my finished product and nobody in my family knows how to quilt so I think they would have the same reaction. I am getting better at this self judging.

The funny thing is- if you saw me everyday you would know I'm not a perfectionist but when it comes to gifting a quilt I get a little crazy lol

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One, to just enjoy the journey. Weather it's learning a new skill or just making a new pattern. Enjoy every step.
Two, read the pattern in its entirety. Several times if necessary.
Three, just finish (I have the UFO's to prove my lack of dedication.) or make the decision to either donate or toss. Because life is way to short to continue doing something you don't love.
Four, when in doubt, make a demo block. And, make them all in a cohesive colorway. That way, you will always have a cohesive quilt that you can finish with orphan blocks.
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