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Quilter's Select Vs. Creative Grid Rulers

Quilter's Select Vs. Creative Grid Rulers

Old 08-30-2022, 06:29 PM
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Default Quilter's Select Vs. Creative Grid Rulers

I have a lot of Creative Grid rulers, but can't help wondering how the Quilter's Select rulers compare in both good fabric adherence (not moving) and visibility. My old eyes have trouble seeing the lines. The Quilter's Select are so expensive, so I have pause every time I am considering one

Also, I just read on the Quilter's Select website that their rulers non stick coating can be easily scratched if rubbed against other surfaces such as other rulers. I have many rulers jammed into a box, so this is a concern to me.

For those of you who own both the Creative Grids and the Quilter's Select, can you tell me how you find them different?
Also, have any of you quilters who own the Quilter's Select, and are not particularly gentle with them, have you experienced scratches on the underside?
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Old 08-30-2022, 08:03 PM
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I have 2 Quilter's Select that was given to me and the woman had stretched clear contac film over the bottom to prevent the info from coming off and told me I would regret it if I ever pulled it off. Well I have never pulled it off but I do nt use them either as with the contac on the bottom they slip and slide all over. It is very difficult for me to keep the ruler in place so I went to Dollar Tree last year and bought several aluminium rulers that have the cork on the under side for a buck a peice and those are what I have used exclusively this entire year. They are the best I have foun for making straight lines. The cork stops the ruler from slipping even on true satin fabrics. I don't plan on ever going back to the Quilter's Select.
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Old 08-31-2022, 01:09 AM
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I prefer Quilters Select and have several of them and not experienced any issues at all, most ar at least 8 years old and still grippy. I also love my Creative Grids rulers, each have their use and place in my Zen Den.
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Old 08-31-2022, 02:28 AM
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quilters' select are almost the same as olfa frosted rulers. the only difference i can think of is color.

quilters' select are easier to read, i think and cost a lot less.
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There's a "new to me" spray out there called Grippy Spray. You spray it on the back of your ruler - it dries almost instantly - and it really holds your ruler. It doesn't have an awful spray and I just poke my ruler down into my waste can and spray. It last quite awhile too. It works great on those small templates and small rulers that just won't hold still.
Fabric Obsession in Medina, OH carries it....I don't see it on the website but if you give them a call they ship anything.
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Originally Posted by Schill93 View Post
I have a lot of Creative Grid rulers, but can't help wondering how the Quilter's Select rulers compare in both good fabric adherence (not moving) and visibility. My old eyes have trouble seeing the lines.
If you don't want to go to the expense of buying new rulers, you can put a ruler grip on the back help keep it from slipping on the fabric. Here are a couple for example: Omnigrid invisible grip TightGrips you can use to cover the entire back of the ruler, or you can cut it and just put pieced scattered on the ruler back or they also have circle grips as well. Or you can use a handle on your rulers: Ruler grip handle These are a whole lot cheaper than replacing your rulers.

Also: You can use painters tape to show your cutting line on your ruler. I put it on the top of my ruler when I am going to be making multiple cuts of the same length/width, putting the tape as long length wise as I need to cut the fabric piece. I put it almost to the measuring line so that I can readily see that the last line showing before the tape is the line I am using on the ruler. Only takes a moment to put it on and you can leave it on until you no longer need to cut anymore to that size. It comes off without leaving any marks or sticky on your ruler.
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also wanted to mention some use a hand weight on top of their ruler to hold in place . I have a five pound weight I use at times.
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there are a lot of things you can add to the back to decrease the slippery sliding. I have bought a few kinds to use on my long arm rulers. some people find that paper medical tape works great too, and you can still see through it. Most of my rulers are the old Ominigrid rulers and a few of my friends say they have replaced them with creative grid or some other ruler. However, as they are working just fine for me, I didn't see any point in replacing them all. For me I tried both the rubber spots, and the sandpaper dots years ago and really did not like them as they gripped the fabric, and it was harder to adjust to the measuring line I wanted as the ruler stuck to the fabric. The Omnigrid rulers do have a bit of a raised surface where the lines are and that makes them stick good enough for me. But I have added some of the tape stuff to the backs of some of my rulers. But, the best trick I have is to use my accuquilt cutter making sure the fabric is positioned so the lengthwise grain is straight going through the rollers, that is the best accuracy I get.
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I like quilter's select. It took a little bit to get used to the lines, but I've been using them for several years now and find them easy to read and very grippy. Don't know why anyone would put contact paper over the bottom of them since that defeats the purpose of the grippy back. I also have some Creative Grids and like them too. I'd go for whichever one you find easiest to read.


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I had the small square Quilter's Select ruler go though a laundry cycle. It still has the non slip coating on it. I bought the first QS rulers from the website as soon as it was advertised. It is still as good as it was. If you can't find QS local the best place to buy is on The Quilt Show. There are sales and specials several times a year. You don't have to be a paid member to buy any product.
Odiff non slip spray is excellent for all non slip rulers. I use it on all my Missouri Star templates and rulers. I also use it on my pad for foot controller.
I buy Creative Grids for speciality rulers and in size QS does not have. My favorite size of CC is the new 12 1/2 by 24.
I agree quality quilting rulers are pricey but I have bought toys for the kids and grands that cost more so I don't feel like it's a big deal to buy a ruler..
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