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Thread: Rule Steady- Update

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    Super Member hcarpanini's Avatar
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    Rule Steady- Update

    I realize that the price on this is "Pricey" but those of you that are looking at the shower grip handle at Amazon, this is not the same. The Rule Steady has a very wide base that sits on the mat and the ruler to avoid slipage. As you can see in the photo it is 6 1/2" wide.
    The store that sells it here in the states is Shiisa Quilts in Bloomington, Indiana.
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    I've tried the shower grip and it doesn't stay stuck to the ruler. Someone yesterday said they ordered this direct from the mfg and only paid $70 total.

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    Harriet, I read all the comments from your last posting.I looked this up on the net also. I saw a video. I STILL don't get what it is doing.

    Does it have a lip sticking up which protects the hands? I'm all for not cutting the tip of my finger off, so a lip would be nice. I would buy something to protect my finger as I am a clutz.

    Does it hold the ruler under it steady only when it can stick onto the mat? I use the big JT strip cutter for strips and the rule Steady would go off the mat.

    I hate slippy rulers, so I put a binder clip on the far end of my 24" ruler to attach it to the mat when I'm lining up a piece which is WOF. I'm not sure the Rule steady would improve on a secure binder clip.

    Some of my errors in cutting are because the cutter (under my SURE GRIP! LOL) strays from the ruler out into the fabric. This product would not keep it in line, but I bless the JT for keeping my cutter in the groove every time I use it.

    I don't see how it could be cost-justified on how much fabric you waste by not having it. You would have to waste over seven yards for ROI in 12 months. the JT is not justified in reducing fabric waste, but it sure is justified in labor to cut and in easier precision piecing, both of which have high value to me.

    I would appreciate your comments.
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    Knot Merrill, Southern Indiana
    I think I finally get it now!! I thought it was a "ruler"!!

    One edge of the gripper grips the ruler you are using to measure and cut with, the other edge of gripper grips your cutting mat OFF the fabric. You hold on to the gripper, not the ruler. So yes, I can see where this is both a safer device and if it grips and holds like everyone says, a more accurate device than most I've seen for keeping my ruler in one place.

    For SueSew ... your left hand will be on the wooden handle of the gripper which is several inches to the left and ABOVE your ruler edge (this is assuming your rotary cutting with your right hand). So unless you have a seizure of some type and your rotary cutter flies up and over ... I don't see how you can cut yourself with this thing.

    As for cost justification, I would want to see it, hold it, touch it, and try it before spending that much money on it. I'll want to make sure it's comfortable to use, easy to adjust in micro increments, easy to pick up and move to the next cut, etc. It's not something I would buy online sight unseen, at least not at that price.
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    Looking at this picture, I'm guessing that one side sits higher than the other which allow the ruler to be snug up against the rule steady and by having such a wide base, it spreads out the pressure on the mat and ruler and reduces the accidental twist/slip we sometimes have when cutting. It would definitely keep fingers away from blades.

    Cheers, K

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