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Which 'side' are you on?

Which 'side' are you on?

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Default Which 'side' are you on?

There are certain topics that seem to bring out strong feelings from the responders.

Some of them are:

To wash fabrics before cutting them versus there is no need to

Buying nice fabrics wherever one finds them versus purchasing them only from LQS

Starch/size a fabric before cutting versus thinking a fabric should have enough body on its own

Using steam to press versus using a dry iron to press

WalMart/JoAnn/Hobby Lobby are nice places to shop versus I would rather die than go in any of those!

Using a nice, simple old(er) sewing machine versus top of the line new sewing/embroidery machine

Applique versus piecing

Paper piecing/strip piecing/foundation piecing versus the other kinds of piecing

Long arm quilting versus domestic machine quilting

Tied versus stitched methods to hold the layers together

Binding cut on the straight of grain versus binding cut on the bias

These topics come up over and over - and the responses still seem to be divided -

There are others - those are just the ones I could think of at the moment.

Isn't it great that we can do whatever we feel works better for ourselves??
Or that we can do whatever will be more appropriate for the project at hand?

Any other topics that people seem to feel strongly about?
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Old 07-14-2012, 09:10 AM
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Firmly on the fence! I do what works for me and to heck with the quilt police.
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- I don't wash fabrics..mainly cause I am lazy .So far no problems, but I bet my day of regret will come.
-I buy fabrics anywhere I can. I am on disability and have to get what I can afford. I Do look closely wherever I purchase to make sure I am satisfied with the , quality unless it is from online..I have even bought on ebay.
- Starch is a matter that I decide from the feel of the fabric. When I begin to cut for my GFG, I plan to starch as I will be doing these completly by hand
- My iron doesn't work on steam, so that takes care of that one.
- My machine cost me $99 at Walmart and has run great for years, including daily for the last year. That is all I need.
- I personally prefer piecing over appliques, but that is a matter of personal preference.I don't think one is better.
- I have never paper pieced, but it sounds like too much hassle to me..Not sure what foundation pieceing is, unless it is like using my muslim as a base for my string quilts.
- All my quilting is done by hand,,I can;t afford a fancy machine or to pay someone. I also enjoy hand quilting,again personal preference
- I have tied a few but mostly hand quilt..Some designs just look better one way or the other.
- When I bind, I try to buy the binding. Usually to save I just bring the overage from the back over to the front and sew...

I think that quilting is a lot of personal choices making one happy in their creativity. No one way of doing anything is right or wrong. The only thing wrong would be to let the "quilt police" take the joy out of your work!
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Originally Posted by tartan View Post
firmly on the fence!:d i do what works for me and to heck with the quilt police.
well said!!
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Originally Posted by Tartan View Post
Firmly on the fence! I do what works for me and to heck with the quilt police.
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Wouldn't it be sad if we all had to do things the same way. Where would be the creativity, the originality, the individuality, in that?
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I suppose that is what makes quilting for each of us so personalized. I suppose trial and error for some people is thier way of doing things and others have to read and know everything before begining anything.

I personally feel that people who have quilted a while and lived with thier quilts know the in's and outs and have a lot of wisdom to share.

There are wonderful people here that share thier talent and expertese. Why not listen and save yourself some heartbreak? But everyone is entitled. LOL...

I have learned so much here on the quilt board, even though I had made quilts for years. Thanks for all of the tips and tricks everyone. It all helps me to be a better quilter.

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It depends.
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It's interesting, to read the many ways, of getting from point A to point B. I've sewn, for well over 50 years, and am still picking up tips . . . sometimes from newbies. Although I'm a relatively new quilter (less than 10 years and mostly done with smaller craft items), I've also "invented/discovered" easier ways of doing certain things. Having options is part of the joy of sewing/quilting!
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I for one, really enjoy reading the discussions on any of these topics. Mainly, because it lets me get to know the poster a tad bit better.

I tend to just do what ever it is with each project. Sometimes wash fabrics, sometimes not and so forth on down the list. I am finding though, through a tip on the board, about starch and I am swaying more and more all the time to starching all fabrics. One of the greatest things with quilting and these topics is that I can always change my mind. Hee, Hee, Hee.
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