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Starting a quilting life late in life......

Starting a quilting life late in life......

Old 07-14-2015, 03:41 AM
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I have been quilting a lot for the last 8 years. I love it! I just make as many as I can, and enjoy the process. My family members will take every quilt I make if I let them. Some I give away to friends, and a few I get to keep. I will soon be 68 years old , and I hope I can make many more quilts. My husband passed away suddenly in March. Quilting is a good way to pass the time now that I am alone. I am contemplating buying a Sweet 16 quilting machine to speed the quilting process. I try not to think about the age I am. I just go by how I feel.
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Old 07-14-2015, 03:46 AM
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I started quilting in the late 70s and have slowed down due to a disability but I still have so many quilts I want to make and I doubt if there is enough time left to get them all done so yes, pick and choose making a priority list. Be sure to have fun making them.
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Old 07-14-2015, 03:47 AM
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Originally Posted by jeanharville View Post
I'm 71 and started quilting about 4 years ago. I am very slow, but I enjoy learning. I've just learned to make half square triangles and flying geese. I'm getting better and faster. Right now I'm making baby quilts for greatgrands and great nieces. Seems like lots of babies are on the way in our family.
Jean, congrats to you on conquering the hst and fg. They still give me the shivers. I'll get there, tho.
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Old 07-14-2015, 03:48 AM
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Originally Posted by dunster View Post
Does anyone EVER have the time to make all the quilts they want to make? Or the time to take all the trips, see all the sights, read all the books,...??? Enjoy your quilt making, and know that you will get a bit faster as you go along.
So very true, Dunster. Your quilt is near the top of my list, btw.
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Old 07-14-2015, 03:57 AM
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Originally Posted by quiltingcandy View Post
Don't worry about the future - it will take care of itself. Just enjoy each quilt you make. I have a friend that called me on her 75th birthday all depressed telling me she only had 15 more good years. (Her mother had died at 90 - but her sister never got that far.) After about 10 minutes of her call I said, "You have 2 choices, 1. you can hurry up and enjoy what time you have or 2. sit for the next 15 years and feel sorry for yourself." She has traveled all over the world with her husband, they own their home, are season ticket holders to the local MLB team and has a lot of friends. Not to forget she has been in relatively good health - she turns 90 next March. (I'm 61 and hope to live as long.) She still tells me how depressed she is for getting old - dwelling on the negative is not going to accomplish what you want to do. Just do what you want and enjoy it as you go along. My dad died 9 years before my mom - she kept talking about how they never went on the cruise to Alaska they talked about for years. When I suggested that my sisters & I could take her she said it wouldn't be the same. No, no it wouldn't but it would have been a memory to remember instead of whining about one that never happened.

I do not intend to make your concerns sound trivial and do not want to sound negative - I just want to to say enjoy the here and now - no one is guaranteed tomorrow. (My sister died suddenly at the age of 57.) Don't worry about being slow making your quilts - many quilters like to take their time and enjoy the process and savor each one they make.
Great post, quiltingcandy. Since being diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer that went into my lung and going thru all that entails, I find myself being melancholy at times. Those times don't last long due to my faith in God, family support and my quilting addiction, ummm I mean hobby. I'm truly blessed.
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Old 07-14-2015, 04:19 AM
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I started three years ago when I retired. My sister who has quilted 30 some years whips out quilts like crazy. I am so slow compared to her. I've had to not compare myself to her. This is a great hobby for our age. We time now and now I don't mind the long winters here in Wisconsin. I have my hobby and it really surprises me how creative I have become. It's never too late to begin. I've read that quilting is great brain stimulation because of all the skills it takes to create from start to finish. Can't beat that.
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I will be 74 in a few days and have been quilting about 15 years. I have more fabric that I can never finish in my lifetime and I can't wait to see the new fall lines. Yes, I will buy more, more, more. My kids know to call my fellow quilters when I go and they will come clean out my lovely stash. Meanwhile I am loving every minute. I am a widow of 8 years, my mother died in September at 95, my sister at 60', brother at 56, my dad at 59 and sometimes I feel alone but quilting and all the wonderful quilters I continue to meet keeps me smiling and having fun.
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When I was about 55 years old I wanted to make a quilt and I bought fabric and bought fabric and bought fabric...
Finally I made a quilt when I was about 68 years old. I still have so much to learn, but enjoy every minute. I do have a lot of fabric.
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There is always another quilt around the corner. Don't worry about being slow, take your time and enjoy the process. It's a terrific hobby. Welcome aboard.
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yes, so many of us in the same situation-- just keep on quilting!!
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