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Thread: Stash Your Stash???

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    Power Poster QuiltE's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    Ontario, Canada
    Like many of you, my stash has been very prolific!!!!
    Has it gone forth and multiplied, all on its own?
    Sometimes I do wonder!!

    I see the stash as vitally important ... ready and waiting to serve!!

    So how do you Stash Your Stash??

    ... colour by colour? all greens, all blues, all reds etc. together?
    ...... darks, lights, mediums?
    ......... brights, pastels, muteds?
    ............ florals, stripes, plains, nothing prints?
    ............... other ways that you sort your stash?
    .................. Which ways make the most sense? for the best use? and least frustration?
    ..................... Your ideas please?? and Thanks!!

    Please help me towards some organization, before it attacks me! :)

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    Super Member mimom's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    chesterfield, mi
    all of the above, also stash by large pieces and small pieces, then scraps

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    Senior Member
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    Jan 2011
    St Louis
    My stash is young and I probably have way less than you have. I seperated mine by prints, flowers, solids, fat quarters and silk, I also have my baby prints and backing in a tub. The last two items are newly acquired from a yard sale.

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    Junior Member Quiltgirl26's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Curious as well. Just starting to build my stash and am curious as how to organize. Figured I'd organize the way my LQS does.

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    Super Member luvTooQuilt's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    A Hop from Heaven, a Skip from Sanity and a Jump from the Good Life....
    Blog Entries
    I have mine separated first by theme

    Holiday ( xmas, thanksg, easter, 4th, bday, halloweenie, etc)- each in its own respective 30 gal clear tub
    1930's - bookcase all its own
    civil war - smaller bookcase all its own
    flannel - walk in closet on bolts and in 30 gal clear tubs
    and the rest......

    gets separated by size.....(this way I know how much I have)

    fqs - bookcase and cd racks
    .5-2 yards- wall bookcase
    3+ yards - Wall bookcase and in walk in closet

    anything smaller than a fq......

    Each accuquilt shape cut out (die)...........has sterilite drawer all its own
    ALL crumbs............has sterilite drawer all its own
    scraps of all colors bigger than a crumb but smaller than a fq.........has sterilite drawer all its own
    strips of all colors less than 5inch..........has sterilite drawer all its own
    strips of all colors longer than 5in but less than 10in..........has sterilite drawer all its own
    strips that are longer than 15inches are separated by color and each color .........has sterilite drawer all its own

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    Super Member sewwhat85's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by mimom
    all of the above, also stash by large pieces and small pieces, then scraps
    same here also first by color then by hue and tone usually keep novilties seperate then by size of piece and keep small pieces in cube totes by color then i have one container of pieces to make into 1 1/2 inch squares to use as starters and enders.

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    Power Poster cjomomma's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    Murray, Ky. Looking for a nice cushy pillow to rest my head on!
    Blog Entries
    My stash is organized by projects and by coordinating fabric's. I tried to seperate by colors and prints but it drove me crazy when I needed to find coordinating fabrics.

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    Super Member
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    Apr 2007
    Alturas, CA
    My stash is all sorted by background colors, then folded around a 4" ruler, then put in drawers with like colors, stood on edge, so that I can see all the fabrics in the drawer without having to "dig" through it.

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    Power Poster amma's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    Out searching for some sunshine :-)
    Blog Entries
    Prints by category
    Large pieces separately/same with FQ sized pieces
    Batiks by themselves (although they do play nicely with others LOL)
    Blenders by color
    Scraps thrown in bins, no patience to sort them out :roll:
    Some are put together into "kits" so I don't use them for something else :roll:

    Whatever way makes sense or works for you :D:D:D

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    Super Member I go To The Sea To Breathe's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    North Sioux City, SD
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    I change my mind ever few weeks and come up with something different, again a personality thing.LOL

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    Super Member fabric_fancy's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    at my sewing machine
    category (batik, contemporary, geometric, gradations, etc)
    then by color.

    all of it behind closed doors in a walk in closet - sunlight doesn't touch my fabric until i decide to use it.

    i've seen too many good stashes go back because they displayed it on shelves in their sewing room and allowed sunlight to hit it.

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