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Thread: Stuff you USE for Quilting, that isn't originally for Quilting!!!

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    Super Member Ps 150's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Upstate New York
    I have so many that I use! My father is always repurposing in his garage, so I think I got it from him.

    Mini tackle boxes to hold small notions in my knitting and quilting bags, larger ones for holding buttons that are sorted by size, and wall mounted tool drawers for holding notions like safety pins, bias tapes, sewing machine needles, extra empty bobbins, etc.

    Round gum boxes to hold used blades and cubed, standing gum boxes to hold used needles

    A discarded laptop display center from DH's rent to own store is my new sewing table with plenty of storage above and below

    A discarded coffee station from DH's rent to own store for a cutting table (perfect height and measures 30"x36", just like my cutting mat)

    A lazy susan on my sewing table to hold lots of things like oil bottles, pin cushions, etc. I also have a double stacked susan for holding various notions near my cutting mats

    Freezer Paper for stabilizing the backs of autograph blocks

    Silica Gel packets to keep in drawers of safety pins, etc, to keep them from rusting

    Dawn Dish Soap (great for getting oil out of fabric)

    Vinegar (great for setting colors in fabrics that might bleed)

    Shout Color Catchers (For multi colored quilts and also to be given out with the quilts I make)

    File Organizers-Small ones for holding my Embroidery Machine hoops, and large ones for holding patterns of projects on my immediate to-do list.

    Carpet Tape, sold in the hardware store, to keep my cutting mats from shifting

    Small Dresser to hold fabrics, as well as Sterilite drawer sets.

    Tall vases to hold knitting needles and crochet needles

    Magnetic bowl from hardware/auto stores to catch small notions like snips, etc.

    A standing utensil caddy to hold scissors near my cutting mat

    Desk caddies to organize notions by my machine (finger presses, stilettos, awls, rippers, etc in the pen sections, and empty bobbins in the paper clip sections)

    Chopsticks for turning out corners

    Nonstick shelf liner for cutting slippery fabrics or liners, and nonstick rug liners for holding my machine's pedal in place.

    Stackable sweater dryer for holding blocks that need to air dry

    Cookbook holder with clear splatter cover to hold patterns, magazines or books open to a page, but also for placing the spatter cover over a battery operated closet light and using it as a light box.

    Photo boxes, normally sold in the dollar stores, are the perfect sizes for holding patterns from quilt shops.

    Over the door shoe holder holds "extras" like extra fusible rolls, clotheslines, etc.

    A Cabbage Crock, or making sauerkraut, holds larger rolls of fusible webbing, vinyl and even wrapping paper and contact papers

    Hemostats for turning applique pieces

    Grab It tool for this 5'3" quilter

    Loads of baskets to hold everything: one for yarn, one for rotary cutters, one for current projects, etc.

    Anything in my kitchen that would make a great template for applique: Dinner plates, cookie cutters, ravioli cutters, etc.

    Compressed air for "cleaning" around my machine (but not inside) and for hosing down the serger.

    Clothespins for holding thicker bindings

    Over the door hooks for holding bags I've finished, but haven't found homes for

    Rubber Mallet for embossing velvet

    A tv tray to keep near my machine so that as I'm sewing, I can set spare pieces aside, but still keep them handy

    A changing table with attached bureau. The bureau holds my batting scraps, the shelves beneath hold fabric, the drawer hold lots of garment sewing patterns, the top of the bureau holds my embroidery machine and embroidery machine accessories and the actual top of the changing table holds my racks that hold rulers, a fan and various other necessities

    Cheap 4/$1 cereal bowls to hold thread scraps, my binding roll so that as I sew, it comes right out of the bowl, and even small applique pieces or buttons that I need for my current sewing project

    Milk crates, on top of my bookshelves, to give me more book space, lol

    Document holders, sold in office supply stores, to hold open a pattern to the page I need

    Toilet Paper Holder, to hold my small spools of Stitch 'N' Ditch

    Plate racks to hold a few, commonly used rulers, near my cutting mat

    Pencil cases, to hold tools and rotary cutters on the way to quilting group

    Photography brushes, for cleaning big messes like the serger and cutting mats

    Metal, college end stands hold my metal magnetic bowl perfectly, so it doesn't slide off, and is small and handy enough to sit by my sewing desk and not be in the way

    Tupperware in various sizes: One small rectangular cookie bin holds zippers, one holds stamps, etc

    Small magazine bins, sold in college back to school sections, to hold notebooks, graph paper, etc

    Small clips for binding (as opposed to the expensive ones now sold) and spring loaded clamps to hold the fabric when I'm sandwiching

    Small, metal file cabinet to hold warranties, instructions, etc., while still holding my metal pin catcher and more metal magnetic bowls

    A magnifying magnet, used with a magnetic white board is perfect for reading patterns with small print, like the ones for cross stitch or knitting/crochet

    Post It Notes to mark 1/4" seams for my DDs

    Telescopic magnet, for my daughters' machines that are not computerized

    Sandpaper, for bracing fabric as you write on it and for marking quilt lines

    Office Supply rings that open and close, for holding my quilting stencils

    Thermal, zippered bottle holder works great for taking sharp notions to quilting group

    Paper towel holders for holding ribbons and lace as you sew them onto your project

    Larger pencil boxes that clasp for holding a multitude of things

    A mouse pad as a secondary pin cushion

    Toe separators for holding bobbins that you want to keep out of your bobbin saver, for a current project, but don't want to roll away

    A small 5-drawer nightstand for holding extra threads, extra notions, sale finds that you'll use "later", etc.

    Phew! I think that's all I have, but I'm sure I forgot a few, lol.
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    Senior Member sewnbug's Avatar
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    [QUOTE=liondenise;4232818]I have my father's old pipe rack with a humidor - great for putting scissors in and the humidor hold buttons (or candy)[/QUOTT

    That is such a great way to repurpose it!

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    Junior Member DDuMouchel's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by MaryAnnMc View Post
    QUILT POOP????? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    My husband calls those little bits "foofies."

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    The soft sided cooler on wheels is great for hauling around your featherweight.

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    Feb 2015
    Command strips and hanging jewelry organizers. No marks on the wall. The organizers can hold thread spools and bobbins or presser feet.

    The command strips with a small hinged metal hook can also be used to hang plastic rulers. Most have a hole in them somewhere for hanging.

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    Jul 2011
    Michellesews, the doxies in your avatar are adorable!

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    Feb 2011
    Washington State
    I use a Stanley rolling workshop I bought at Walmart in the tools section. The bottom part holds my FW (out of case) and the top part holds my accessories. Handle comes up and away I go to class.
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    I found that a long handled natural bristle make up brush is great for cleaning out the lint from my machine. I grabs that thread and dust the instant it come near it and I just brush it off into the trash can.
    I also found the whole label peels off of the plastic nestles creamer bottle, it makes a very nice water holder for my ironing station. It has a flip top for easy use and closes to where nothing spills if knocked over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phyllis nm View Post
    I love these but I can not find them any more. I am missing 2 fingers on my right hand and these made threading and pulling threads come easy, and the hang on any peg.


    merry tools>
    I found these cheaper they are great:

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