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Are these two colors of fabric the same

Are these two colors of fabric the same

Old 10-20-2021, 11:14 PM
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Default Are these two colors of fabric the same

Is yellow-green fabric and green-yellow the same color of fabric? I am having a hard time figuring this out.
Also, is Indigo blue the same as dark navy blue?

Thank you in advance for your help everyone.
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Old 10-21-2021, 01:32 AM
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When I mix colors together, the results depend on how much of each color. A very bright yellow with a touch of green is a very different color than a deep green with yellow in it. Same goes with the mixes of indigos and navy. Each fabric companies have their own color mixes. Get a color wheel. Even the same colors may have subtle differences. I like using my OTT light to compare fabric colors. Or bright sunlight.
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Old 10-21-2021, 02:42 AM
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What are you looking to do? We can probably give a better answer if we know the context. As sewing wrote, different fabric lines will call the nearly same color completely different things. Generally speaking, though, yellow-green should be more toward yellow and vice versa. I think of navy as an almost black blue color and indigo as the color in Civil War era quilts, but everyone will have a different opinion.
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Some fabric makers will put a color name on the end of the bolt as Kona Cotton does. A little variation in colors though could prove interesting.
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Even different bolts of the same fabric can be different colours. When buying, I try to get all my fabrics cut at the same time to avoid different shades.
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The colors are not the same. As others have mentioned it depends on the manufacture. Do they use equal part or just highlight the color when adding the second color. I always take a swatch with me to match colors if I am not using the same manufacturer. I order the majority of my fabrics on line now and occasionally I get a blunder when trying to match a color. I don't order much fabric anymore and am working from my stash now to use it up. It is amazing when I find in there.
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In my opinion, indigo and navy are not the same. At least the indigo pieces I own have been processed differently and the navy appears darker.
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Not sure what you are referencing ....
* working with a colour wheel?
* picking out fabrics, sight unseen, online?
* chatting with others?

My experience is that we each have different words to describe the same colour.
Technically, there are right words ...
but the variations are so huge that the tag names vary.

IOW don't worry about the name ... go with what you see IRL!

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Colors are subjective and I believe we do not all see them the same even if we've learned to label the same colors the same names... The real thing that matters is whether the fabrics work together for you.

Even from the same manufacturer, just like with yarn it is best to get all your yardage from the same bolt/dye lot. One of the reasons many of us like dealing with Kona solids is we feel they keep very true to their color standards and so you can reorder the same color even years apart if needed. However, colors between manufacturers even with the same names can vary quite a bit. Not only the dye formulation but in the processes used, and the griege goods (the raw woven cotton) have differences in thread weight and fiber length and all sorts of things that make fabric react to light.

I would say that while close, there is a point on the color wheel where a color is more yellow than green, or more green than yellow and that while similar, they are different. While I might call either of them separately as "yellow-green" together I would see the difference.

Indigo is a plant pigment, it is a specific color. Blue Jeans were originally indigo but have been artificial indigo as long as most of us have been around. I'd say that Navy is an enchanced and stabilized dark indigo. So in terms of fabric, I'd say that if it was woven with two colors of thread (white and indigo) the fabric would be "Denim" but if it was all over dyed it would most likely be cotton called Navy
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Yellow-green would have more yellow than green-yellow (which would have more green). Indigo is not the same as navy blue.
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