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UFOs and WIPs

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Default UFOs and WIPs

Since I joined this forum I have read with interest posts about UFOs and WIPs. There have been a number recently where quilters have set themselves the New Year challenge of completing their UFOs.

My sewing is very low-key. I buy the fabric and make the quilt, then it goes to whoever I have made it for. I donít have the space or need to be working on more than one project.

But ... is it more practical to have a number of quilts on the go at the same time? Do experienced quilters make a number of tops, accumulate UFOs, then quilt them and bind them all?

Please donít think that Iím being sarcastic here, Iím genuinely interested in why one person would want to have a number of projects on the go at the same time. Are there advantages in doing this?

(BTW - I do have a UFO - itís a sampler wall hanging. I started it then realised I was not experienced enough to make it!)
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Old 01-19-2019, 04:23 AM
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I have lots of UFO's, probably more than most. Sometimes it's because I run into a snag of some sort and set the project aside until I figure out the next step. Most of mine were set aside when I was still working and didn't have time to work on it for an extended time, so I put it away, then out of sight is out of mind. The next thing you know I'm all excited about a new project and off I go on that one.
But I find that I still like to have several projects in the works at the same time, because I tire of each stage of the process and want to switch it up. I get tired of piecing, so I switch to doing some hand work on another project. Then I want to do some quilting, so I switch to the project I am in the middle of quilting.
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I'm one of the ones who have multiple projects going at once. What I work on depends on my mood. And what machine I want to work with. Right now I have a quilt all set up on big tables in the living room that I'm actually quilting. I have a smaller machine set up in my office and I'm making the blocks for another quilt...but while I'm doing that I can watch movies or TV shows on my 27" Mac screen. My cutting table in the dining room will shortly be occupied by my Go! Big fabric cutter to cut blocks for yet another quilt. This area is right next to the kitchen so I can cook as I cut. So it depends on my mood I guess. I can quilt and listen to music, piece and watch TV or cut and cook.
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I have several WIPs. I get in a mood to do a bunch of making just the tops for a while so they pile up. Right now, I have 7 baby quilt tops made and ready for sandwiching. Sometimes I get a bunch of them up to the binding stage and do only binding for a few days. I don't consider them UFOs as they are always in view. It really doesn't matter when they get finished because they are all donated.
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Originally Posted by Moira in N.E. England View Post
But ... is it more practical to have a number of quilts on the go at the same time? Do experienced quilters make a number of tops, accumulate UFOs, then quilt them and bind them all?
Confession(s) First:

I usually have at least 3 WIPs going. (to me, it's a WIP until the top is done. then it becomes a UFO. others either don't distinguish between the two "stages" or they define them differently.)

I also usually have at least a couple UFOs waiting to be sandwiched, or quilted, or bound. the reasons will vary from quilt to quilt and time to time.

is that more practical? i don't [personally] believe so. i admire those who can purchase for just one quilt at a time, and then work only on that one quilt until it's finished. my theory is that i'd save a lot of money and space if i did that.

i am currently attempting to at least limit myself to one project i can work on using my small machine (for the times my group is meeting to work on projects) and only one at a time for which i need one of my bigger, fancier machines.

wish me luck. lol
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I'm usually working on 2-3 projects at one time. Reason is I get bored easily doing the same thing over and over so by working on various steps of each project I'm not borded. Also sometimes I just need a break from one project to another. I've been trying to finish my UFOs this year and I've completed up to the quilting part on 4 just this past week. Now I'm working on one I started 2 years ago. Reason why I stopped was I couldn't decide how to finish the corners as right now its a hexagon shape. Had to reread the instructions numerous times before it finally sunk into my dull brain. Then once I got the sections done I wasn't sure I did them right so stuck the body of the quilt back up on the design wall putting a couple of the side sections around it to see if it looks right. I like to get another's opinion so I usually wait for my sister to show up on Fridays to give me her opinion if it looks correct. Well this week she was sick and today the weather turned to crap so will have to wait yet another week. So I'm working on getting 3 projects ready for the quilt retreat I'll be attending in March. So I'm not idle, still working on something plus I have 2 more UFOs to finish up but need my design wall to arrange the blocks so they're sitting idle till then.
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I used to have UFOs piled up in the closet. I didn't want to quilt anything new because I became overwhelmed having those UFOs taking up space. Then I decided no more new projects until the UFOs were finished. I stuck to it and got all finished. Then I felt the same way because now I had a closet full of quilts. I gave up quilting for a year and sold most of finished ones throughout that year. Then I donated the few leftover ones and got back in the quilting groove. I do now have one WIP pieced but not assembled and a finished quilt sandwiched ready to practice FMQ. It feels so good to have my quilting mojo back.
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I am down to about 3 UFO’s (unless I unearth another I have completely forgotten). Sometimes I work on a quilt from start to finish. Other times, especially with a repeated block, I get bored and start another project. Other times I get all excited after seeing something new and just have to do it. However you like to work is the right way for you.
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I like to finish one before I start the next one. Only exception is when I need a quilt quickly. Baby quilts or chemo quilts usually fall into that category. Then, I go back to the one I’ve been working on. I like my sewing room to be a little bit organized. With our last move I also gave away most of my stash (17 bags!) to a friend who’s in a group that quilts for folks in a homeless shelter. Now I buy with a project in mind. Most of my quilty friends, however, seem to prefer organized chaos! So whatever keeps you sane and sewing is a good thing. Enjoy!
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I usually start and finish one quilt at a time but right now have a couple WIPs, mostly because Bonnie Hunter's MQ came out and I started that before I finished something else. However, I don't buy fabric for a quilt and then sew it. I have an enormous stash. I can't imagine seeing all the amazing fabrics that come out and then just buying enough to make my next quilt. Maybe I'll gt there someday but it's not looking good.
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