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Using two different machines for the same quilt. >

Using two different machines for the same quilt.

Using two different machines for the same quilt.

Old 03-17-2014, 04:47 AM
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Default Using two different machines for the same quilt.

I have heard, many times, that you should stick with just one machine when making a quilt. My Viking is very heavy to take to a class or retreat, so I usually take a smaller Pfaff (which is so old, it's pretty heavy too!). When I get home I want to use my Viking with all the bells and whistles, but I stick with the Pfaff for that project. Do any of you see a problem with using two different machines to piece with?
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Old 03-17-2014, 05:00 AM
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the key to successfully switching back and forth between machines for the same project is practice.
you need to test and test until you can achieve matching seam allowances on both machines.
this is especially so if the two machines use a different style quart-inch foot.

make sure to use the same thread, too.
write down the settings for each machine.
if one machine has fewer needle adjustment "ticks" than the other, use the machine with fewer "ticks" to set your seam standard.

when switching from one to the other, grab some scraps for brief practice and verification.
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Old 03-17-2014, 05:01 AM
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I think the 1/4" is a little different on each machine. That would make a difference in the size of your blocks, which would make it hard to fit together.
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So long as the 1/4 seam measures the same you can use both machines.
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The goal is to sew so that your blocks measure correctly. That's possible with any sewing machine and with any sewing machine foot - it just may be harder with some than with others. If you are getting the correct block measurements you can sew with as many machines as you like. (After all, how do you think group quilts are made?)
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I have always done my piecing on one of my Bernina. If the 1/4" seam is off just the width of the needle, then how much would you be off let say if you were piecing a queen. I have never had the desire or the need to add this problem into the already overflowing cup of quilting problem, my disability is always making quilting challenging enough !!
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Old 03-17-2014, 06:17 AM
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I did it once and it didn't work on that quilt design. Matching 1/4" seams can look easy but is difficult.

However, depending on the design, it may not make that much difference. My everyday machine needed repair. I was doing a BOM. Simple design, easy to make, easy to trim to size accurately.

So .. it depends. I still prefer to stay with the same machine.
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Old 03-17-2014, 06:30 AM
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If I go a long time without quilting, it will take me awhile to redevelop my "eye" for 1/4 inch seams, so my seams will be off sometimes. Ooops, sometimes my corners don't join perfectly. Shrug. It's supposed to be FUN!

If perfection is your goal, take your big machine. If your goal is to enjoy your hobby with the least amount of struggle and concern, then find a good way to get as close as you can and take the machine that is most comfortable to bring.

I stopped quilting for 10 years because the hobby was becoming too much of a burden. Don't let that happen to you. On the bright side, when I came back, I barely remembered some of my projects, and they felt like they were done by someone else. I was a whole lot kinder to them and actually have pieced some of the blocks together that I had abandoned before! It's great.

It's one of those life is too short situations, as far as I'm concerned ;-). Do what makes you the most comfortable.
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I don't take a machine anywhere. I only use them at home. Sometimes I use one for piecing and the other one for quilting. That way it doesn't matter at all.
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I've been known to use 3 different machines on the same project- one machine I take to classes- it's small & lightweight, one machine lives at work- I can set it up & use it during 'down time'; and then the machine I have set up at home- one's a Singer, one's a Janome & ones a Viking...I always make sure I have the same seam allowance- I've often used different threads in each machine- without problem. the reason behind sticking to one is of course consistency- if you are able to achieve the same consistent seam with different machines you shouldn't have a problem.
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