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Washing Finished Quilts

Old 11-09-2022, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Quiltangelady View Post
What are the rules about washing a quilt after it is finished? Is that something that is always done or not? What soap is used to do so? I want to make a quilt of valor quilt and it talks about washing the quilt. Want to make sure I am doing it right.
Sometimes I do and most of the time no I don't. When I do I use Orvis soap, found at feed stores. It is great for animals and fabric.
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I always wash my quilts when I'm finished. Have you seen the cycles on new machines? Most are useless. Now the rinse no matter what cycle you choose uses only cold water. Ugh I turn off the cold water at the beginning of loads I want hot rinse. And the amount of water fill is by weight of the clothes on the sensing cycle. Barely enough water to get the clothes wet. Even the deep fill setting the water level is not high. Another UGH! I put in a cotton bag filled with poly pellets to add weight so the water will fill more. The lid lock is the most annoying feature. My husband disconnected it.
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Isn't it stupid, the hoops we have to jump through to get the items we buy to work the way we want them to??

I bought my Speed Queen specifically because the tub would fill all the way to the top. I also had my son disconnect the lid lock. When I want to wash in hot water, I swap the hoses on the faucets and choose cold water wash and rinse. Ha!

I did 2 years worth of research, so I knew exactly what I wanted when my old machine broke down. Neither my husband nor the salesman believed me. They kept wanting me to look at several other machines. The salesman told me "XYZ brand machine is the highest rated." I said "Based on what criteria?" He'd never been asked that before! He said energy and water efficiency. I said wrong answer, now sell me the Speed Queen. My husband wanted me to look at 5 other machines. I told him I had dreamed of this day for 2 years and unlike him, I'd been doing my research all along. He kept debating with me until I asked him if he was going to do any laundry, and if so, then it's only fair for him to have a say. But since we both know that I do the laundry, then I should pick the machine I want and he can keep his opinions to himself. When he thought about it that way, he agreed. Lol.
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Peckish, you are awesome! I'm stubborn about the color of my appliances. My husband wanted to get a white fridge when my dishwasher, cooktop and oven were black. I put a squash on that immediately. The white one had a bigger water/ice dispenser. He did buy the white one for the garage. LOL
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I have a large washer and I always wash my finished quilt withe the color catchers and dry in the dryer.
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