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Washing Finished Quilts

Washing Finished Quilts

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Default Washing Finished Quilts

What are the rules about washing a quilt after it is finished? Is that something that is always done or not? What soap is used to do so? I want to make a quilt of valor quilt and it talks about washing the quilt. Want to make sure I am doing it right.
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There are no rules in quilting 😀 and no quilt police, you do what works for you. I always wash a quilt when it’s done. If there is an issue or any bleeds I can fix it. I can’t imagine giving an unwashed quilt. If the QOV group says the quilt must be washed then follow their guidelines.
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I rarely wash a quilt when I finish it because I have a front loading machine which is supposed to save water. I don't think it washes quilts with enough water to avoid running colors. So if I do wash a quilt, I should take it to a laundromat and use the big washers there. I do like the feel of a washed quilt - softer and puffier - and I know quilters who prefer that as well. Do whatever works for you.
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I always wash after finishing a quilt. Particularly those I hand quilt. Not only for potential bleeding issues (rare as I prewash my fabrics) but also for any seam problems.

I wash quilts as I do all of my other laundry - warm water, normal detergent. Toss in the dryer until dry.
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I wash mine and use a non scented laundry soap and unscented dryer sheet.
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I always wash my quilts with just regular detergent, but always throw in a color catcher or two in case of any bleeding.
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If I have used a wash-off marker or washable glue, I always wash once with no detergent so there is less risk of chemical interactions. Then, I wash with with my usual detergent, which is designed for sensitive skin.
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I always wash a finished quilt. I use my regular detergent and dry in dryer. If it is a big quilt add detergent, fill with water let soak, drain, spin, fill again with water no detergent soak, drain and spin. No agitation.
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yep, I do the above, just wash and the dry the quilt on my usual setting and with my usual detergent. I usually do use a scent free detergent though because I have sensitivities to scented ones.
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Yep, I wash them. Like any fabric I’ve handled for x+ hours, it’s considered less than clean.
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