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What to buy? or not to buy?

What to buy? or not to buy?

Old 04-10-2008, 03:19 PM
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I'm not sure what to do and could use some advice. I have two sewing machines. One is my late step mothers a Singer, about 35yrs old. It's very temperamental and I've not really ever gotten the hang of sewing with that machine. My second machine is the one I use all the time. I've had it for three yrs. , paid under a hundred dollars for it and it's been a very good machine, for the money. It's a Europro. It's having a tension problem, which started when I was almost done machine quilting a small quilt. I'm going to have to pick out some of the quilting, because I can see that the tension was going haywire and I didn't notice.
Anyway, I'm just wondering if I should spend the money to get my cheapie machine fixed and my singer, tuned up, I really don't care for the Singer, or should I buy a new machine. If I buy a new machine, could I get a good machine with a deep throat for machine quilting for around $300.00 and if so, what would you ladies suggest that I look at buying. Tell me what you love about your machines or if you regret buying the machine that you have now. I'll be watching for your replies.
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Old 04-12-2008, 04:31 AM
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I went through it to.......I would advise the list...........here is the thread............very helpful..........I did not need a main machine....as I have several old ones that work well......I just needed a few things that are not on the old ones...........I got a Kenmore

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Old 04-15-2008, 01:52 PM
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My very first machine was a Kenmore. Have had it about 38 years. Very good machine but didn't have a free arm and built in buttonholer. I hate to make button holes. My next one is also a Kenmore, nothing fancy but does have built in features that I wanted. Have had it at least 26 years. Made my first quilt on it. Machine quilted it and nearly killed myself because the throat was so small. Quilt was a queen size. So I started looking for a deep throated quilting machine. Boy was I fired up. Got all the brochures from the long arm machine companies. The one I wanted the Gammill(nothing fancy) cost more than my first 3 bedroom brick house built new from the ground up. I was so broken hearted. My husband told me he would buy me a new machine with a deeper throat so I started looking. The Bernia were so very expense. I found a Baby-Lock Quilter's Professional machine. It was just what I wanted. The only thing is, it doesn't do zigzag. The price is over $1000.00. I think it listed for about $1250.00 and that was about 2 years ago. I got mine on sale for $999.00. It has been worth every penny I paid for it. There may be some cheaper machines on the market but I couldn't find one. Sears-Kenmore doesn't make one with a deep throat. I couldn't afford Bernia. You might be able to find one that was a trade in. The Baby-Lock is a very good machine. I would highly recommend it. Just save your money.
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Old 04-20-2008, 07:49 AM
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Or you could go to a reputable dealer who has taken in trades and pick up a good used machine, one that may have some bells and whistles. Several ladies in our guild have had good machines and then trade up to a more sophisicated machine staying with the same dealer.

Perhaps a dealer would give you a good deal in trade for one of the malfunctioning machines you presently have for a much better machine. No need in keeping the one that does not work for you. The one you are presently using could be kept for a back up.

I often swap between two machines depending on which one has on the feet I need, i.e, straight stitch on one, zipper foot on the other. Works for me.

Good luck. Suzanne
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Old 04-20-2008, 10:12 AM
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I have an H. Viking with a 10 inch throat, cost 1100. but has come down a few hundred since they came out with a new model.
It has eveything I need on it.
My only problem was the 1/4 inch foot did not work because the feed dogs were to wide. So I bought an edging foot that works the same as the 1/4 in foot except you have to move the needle all the way to the right, but I cannot get a scant 1/4 inch with it.
I love the 10 inch throat, much easier to shove a quilt thru.
It has the stay stitch and the needle down, both of which I find to be a neccesity.
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Old 04-20-2008, 11:18 AM
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Thanks for the advice ladies. I couldn't justify spending 60.00 on my newer machine when I didn't pay much more than that for it in the first place, so I had my old Kenmore serviced and I'm using it for now. The drawbacks are that the bobbin is underneath and not as easy to change. It's a very heavy machine so will limit the classes that I will be attending. I definitely won't be lugging this one around much. I don't have a quarter inch foot for it and I'm finding it difficult to adjust to sewing a good seam allowance without one. Anyone know where I can get a quarter inch foot for a thirty something yr old Kenmore?
I'm definitely in the market for a new machine, but will hold off for now. I want a good machine with a deep throat and I'm going to shop around. If I can find a good used one, that's probably what I will go for. Unless I hit the big lottery, in which case I'm buying top of the line and a gammill quilter to boot....lol. It's fun to dream eh?
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