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What got you into quilting?

What got you into quilting?

Old 04-09-2007, 06:21 PM
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Heather: The "M" in MIL really doesn't stand for mother.... ;) hehehehe
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Old 04-09-2007, 06:43 PM
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It seems like I was always INTERESTED in quilts, especially ones with geometric patterns - triangles & rectangles & squares, OH MY!! Then one day about 15 years ago, the local Adult Education catalog came in the mail & they offered a quilt makiing class. :!: The first 2 classes were held in an empty shop at the local mall, then they moved us to an elementary school that was changed over to Adult Ed. We started off learning to do all different types of blocks by-hand (and quilt-as-you-go). I'm still taking the same class, but now the new class members learn the by-hand methods & us 'oldies' can bring our machines. Once in a while, we even all work on the same pattern! LOL

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Old 04-09-2007, 09:36 PM
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Hi All - My BGF Annie introduced me innocently to a quilt shop while we 4 were on a camping trip. Once I saw those quilts, those colors and the wonderful FQs in there, I just had to learn how to do it!!! I've never been really creative in my life, but this all started one year ago, and I am now a quilting maniac!!!!! :P LOL
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Old 04-10-2007, 06:11 AM
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Just after my husband and I got married, I realized I had nothing to do. Sounds weird, but no kids, a tiny tiny apartment, I worked full time, but had my evenings to do nothing. I tried crochet (not my calling), I found out I'm 3 deminsionally challanged at knitting (I can make scarves, that's it), so I started cross stitch. Everyone was having babies, so I started doing the quilt top cross stich things...had to take them to Mom's to be quilted. I had taken sewing classes in high school and sewn with Mom when I lived at home, so I wanted my own machine...then another...then a surger. Now, I have a whole room. I'm working on a cross stitch quilt for our baby, hopefully I'll have it done before the baby gets here. I don't sew as many quilts as many of you here, I'm lucky to get two or three done a year, most of my "stuff" is in the Fiber Arts for club. But I make clothes and gifts for all the neices and nephews for their birthdays and Christmas, so I'm lucky to get actual quilting time now.
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Old 04-10-2007, 10:25 AM
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I started making quilts about 4 years ago. I never had time and space until then, with teenagers and housework, a job etc.

I first got the bug when I wandered into a quilt shop in Southern California about 12 years ago. I couldn't believe how much the quilts were on consignment for! (I had no idea handmade things would be so valuable to other than the maker.) And then it occurred to me how absolutely creative I could be in quiltmaking. Any pattern, any fabrics... what an outlet for my artistic energies!

Also, I knew after taking that beginning quilt class that this was a good way for me to become more disciplined. Accuracy is everything in quiltmaking, isn't it? I would have to give up being "sketchy" in my art, and make the straight lines I hated in drafting class.

Anyway, I absolutely love finding the right fabrics and patterns, and that urgency to make the next quilt. Usually it becomes a treasured gift for someone in the family.

A healthy obsession, if you ask me!
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Old 04-13-2007, 03:43 PM
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I, too, started sewing at the age of 9. While visiting my grandmother's, she and several ladies surrounded a quilting frame stitching. They allowed me to take a few stitches, which I am sure they ripped out, but I was hooked and said "one day".

Three friends from my church invited me to join them and take a beginner's quilting class about 20 years ago. I was hooked and the rest is history. I haven't stopped taking classes. There is always more to learn. One Day is here.


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Old 04-15-2007, 08:47 AM
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It's interesting to read how you all started quilting. I started doing crafty things. First, I did cross stitching a baby quilt when my children were toddlers. Then, making witches for halloween and ornaments for christmas. Since my daughter started dance school when she was six, I had an idea that I wanted to make her a quilt with her dance pictures. Well, 11-years later, I decided I wanted to really do it - but where do I start? I only had 4-months to get it done-she was graduating. I knew nothing about quilting. I would check out all the quilts at all of the carnivals, etc, and be in awe. Well, one day I was taking a ride and there and behold --- a "Gone Quilting" store. My husband was with me and I literally did a uturn right there! - through 4 lanes of traffic - lol. I signed up for a beginners class to see if I was even capable. The quilt top came out pretty good, so I signed up for my second class. This class is where I learned to make the quilt for my daughter. I am now hand quilting it - I cannot believe the hours and hours and hours it is taking me, but well worth it. I posted pictures on the pictures section.
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Old 10-19-2007, 04:05 PM
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I've been sewing since I was in my teens.I made all my daughter's clothes, until it wasn't cool to wear clothes your mother sewed. lol

Twelve years ago my first husband was tragically killed in an accident and quilting was my therapy to fill the lonely hours. Happily I met a wonderful man three years ago and last year we were married...I'm still quilting and he is my biggest fan :)

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Old 10-19-2007, 04:10 PM
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I've been sewing since I can remember, Mom got me started doing that, Grandma taught me to embroider again, its in my longest memories of doing, as far as quilting, I've been researching it to death for years, wanting very badly to actually put it all into practice, YOU ALL gave me the inspiration to actually try it! Thanks, YOU ALL!!!
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Old 10-19-2007, 04:34 PM
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Flying Goddess, this is an interesting topic you brought up, have enjoyed
reading all the replys.
Years ago my Mother left me 25, 9 inch muslin squares, beautifully
embroidered with different flowers on each. One day I decided to try
and incorporate them into a king size quilt. Of course, I didn't know
what I was doing and ran into trouble, so I called the local quilt shop for
help. The lady there said come right down and I will help you, had to tear alot of what I did out, but I did what she told me and then went back and
picked out the backing, it came to $97.00, I nearly fell over, good thing I
had my checkbook w/me. No prices were visible and I guess it didn't occur to me to ask. I do now!! Then she said bring it back and I will quilt it for you, WOW, another shock, I learned a lot in one experience. But it
turned out very nice and is a treasure to me. :D
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