I can relate to these comments. While I donít sneak things in side of hide them I also donít mention that I have bought this or that today. Will often bring items home leave the packages on the bed for a couple of hours (in their shopping bags/boxes) then put it away. Sometimes I will put it all away immediately while he is standing there telling me what ever is on his mind. He seldom takes much notice at the time and when I do eventually bring something new out to use (or wear) and he says Ė when did you get that/I havenít seen that before; I can honestly say, well Iíve had it for a few weeks. On the whole hubby is very supportive of my hobbies and encourages me to keep busy while I do likewise with him :lol:

Actually it is my daughter who will tell her father if she sees something new and say something along the lines of - Dad, Mum has been spending money again on fabric or what ever although he usually just retaliates with "leave your Mother alone , it makes her happy" then a day or two later when she isn't around he'll come and ask me what I have that he hasn't seen. He is a good man and I shall keep him.