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when an award winning quilt is sold, who gets the ribbons? >

when an award winning quilt is sold, who gets the ribbons?

when an award winning quilt is sold, who gets the ribbons?

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Default when an award winning quilt is sold, who gets the ribbons?

Hey y'all,
I've recently sold my quilt that has won several awards at AQS and Mancuso shows. My question has to do with the ribbons that the quilt has won. I did all the quilting myself and there is a first place ribbon for sewing machine workmanship, an honorable mention ribbon, a judges choice ribbon and also participation ribbons for some other shows the quilt has been in. Do the ribbons go with the quilt to the new owner, or do I keep the ribbons since I am the person who made the quilt and quilted it???

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Interesting question. I have no idea how to answer it, though.
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IMHO I think you earned them you keep them. They are buying the quilt not the prestige.
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Either is acceptable. You don't have to include them, but you can negotiate that with the buyer if you want to. Personally, I would keep them.

The same is true with award winning photographs and other award winning pieces.

Another alternative is to include photos of the awards with your quilt.

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I should think you keep them of course. You can give photographs of the ribbons, attached to the quilt, to the buyer if you so desire, but they are your ribbons.
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I’d make a nice shadow box with a picture of the quilt and the actual ribbons it won. Without your effort and creativity, it’s just fabric. If the new owner has an interest in documenting the quilt’s winnings (provenance?), give them a notarized photo of its ribbons. Just my opinion. (0:
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I would keep them, it was your work that won them.
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If I was the buyer, I would at least want a certified picture of the ribbons.

I would want to be buying the "prestige" along with the quilt itself.

It would be hard to brag about this quilt being award winning with no evidence to back it up.
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Just my opinion of what I would do. If I didn't care enough to keep the quilt then the ribbons would go with the quilt. If I had to sell it for financial reasons then I would keep the ribbons and feel proud I had created something that helped my family.
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Interesting topic!

I say they are your ribbons. I like BJ's suggestion of a good quality photograph of the project with the actual ribbons for yourself, nice shallow box that can be displayed if wanted or simply stored easily and as a nice reminder if not. As a quilter and collector of objects, I would want the provenance/story of the awards for appraisal or just documentation purposes, and would be thrilled if someone had that ready for me with purchase and would probably forget about asking about it myself and kick myself later. If someone wanted to buy the ribbons I think that would have to be decided as a separate value/transaction and that you would have every right to refuse to sell.
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