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My mother taught me how to sew and all the other sciences of becoming a wife and mother. Whenever I tried to learn something from my father like changing the oil in a car orchanging a tire, he would always send me back into the house to learn the joys of housework and cooking. I took home ec. and made an apron. I won a prize for embrodery in girl scouts when I was seven. I think it's such a shame that most girls today are not taught the basics of life like they did in the old days. I tried to teach my girls but they wanted me to show them how to measure, slice and dice and put it all together but then they wanted to watch TV and let me watch the stove. Then they would tell eeryone that they cooked it all by themselves. Right.

I was raised as my dad's oldest son, so I got to (had to) do stuff with him then come back in the house and work with my mom. I learned to sew from watching my mom----been sewing since before I can remember.