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***SIGN-UP CLOSED***10 1/2" layer cake Swap..REDS, REDS, and more REDS… ***SIGN-UP CLOSED*** >

***SIGN-UP CLOSED***10 1/2" layer cake Swap..REDS, REDS, and more REDS… ***SIGN-UP CLOSED***

***SIGN-UP CLOSED***10 1/2" layer cake Swap..REDS, REDS, and more REDS… ***SIGN-UP CLOSED***

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LuvTooQuilt is hosting another swap!!! …….10 1/2" layer cake RED Swap..

REDS, REDS, and more REDS…(With a twist) ~ “You will put your heart in it!!!”

Registration is open to the first 130 Sets or until 16 Feb, whichever comes first.

Each swapper will submit 12 squares of any 1 (one) UN-washed 100% RED cotton fabric. Fabric must be RED but not limited to all red, it can be red & white or red and anything… However fabric MUST have red in it (but not limited to: Calicos, Batiks, solids, Oriental, novelty, seasonal...) You will in return receive 12 DIFFERENT squares per set submitted. Perfect for stash building and scrappy quilts!!

Squares should be carefully rotary cut from UN-washed 100% cotton fabric. Keep in mind that your squares could end up in a child's quilt. Select fabrics that will hold up to a lot of love, wear, tears, draggin', cuddlin', washing, and trips through the dryer. Fabrics that fray easily, or are fairly easy to see through are not good candidates for this swap.

Please be advised that squares that are not square, or those that are not the right size, will be returned unswapped. Will accept any squares larger than 10 ¼ as most of us will use them as 10 inch squares. Anything less than MY 10 ¼ measurement will be returned. If you are unsure of your accuracy, over-sized squares will be accepted as they can be cut down to size if needed be... please nothing over 10 ¾ as they become hard to put in baggies..

Here’s how it works:

In your packet to me you will enclose:
1 gallon size ziplock bag with 12 ct – 10 1/2 inch squares of ONE fabric for each set

~ Fabric must be UN -washed, ironed and in ziplock bags for safe passage thru USPS.
~ Please remember that each set should be cut from a different unwashed fabric
~ 5-6 sets fit in ONE priority flat rate envelope
~ It is aprox 1 yard per 12ct – 10.5 inch squares.
~ There is a FIVE SET limit in this swap plus ONE optional twist
~ INCLUDE your screen name ON your baggies along with SET amounts.
***Example- I would like to do 4 (four) sets - ((4 sets mean that you would send 12 ct – 10 1/2inch squares from FOUR different fabrics for a total of 48 squares, each set in separate gallon size Ziploc bags)) so, written legibly with a sharpie marker or pen, on each of my Ziploc bags will have:

luvTooQuilt X4

~ You may also include but not mandatory, your real name, mailing address, should your envelope be swallowed by the USPS machines for identification purposes- an adhesive return label perhaps.?. )
~ Please staple/tape a piece of your fabric on the outside of the baggie...
**** A piece of your fabric is required stapled on the outside of the individual baggie for identification purposes. (See pic)

Also in your package INCLUDE Sample pieces of each of your fabric – ( aprox 2x3 tiny strips pieces from your leftover fabric is the prefect size..) Some of you stapled the pieces to a small piece of cardboard/cardstock/paper with an addt’l addy label& board name- (see pic) It is my goal NOT to give you back your fabric square…And this aids me keeping track who sent in what

Also in your package INCLUDE a self adhesive return address label, and return priority postage. ($4.95) Should you require delivery confirmation- highly recommended!!! - An additional $.70 is required. Please remember that if you do not send enough return postage I will hold them until you send the difference. After 30 days, I will donate the unclaimed squares to charity. Do not mail the return envelopes, postage only please!!! Too hard to keep track of the envelopes.... (PM me for international info)

I would like to have these in hand no later than 2/23/2011(so with a post mark no later than 2/17/2011 that should give the USPS ample time to deliver them with NO grace period.) After 2/17, OVERNITE shipping is required. This is a short month- no leeway available... International members need to send them to me sooner- PM for details

Please remember that any packages received after 2/24/2011 will be automatically returned unswapped. Any member not fulfilling commitment will not be accepted in future swaps.

I will then sort 2/24-2/27 and hope to mail out squares on 2/28/2011(but no later than 3/1/2011)

@@@@@ Please PM me all the info below: @@@@@

Board name,
How many sets you're doing
Date when you plan ship your package
Your real name
Your mailing address

@@ After all info has been rec’d & you have been approved I will add you to the list of swappers... @@

Any questions please pm me... I'll be happy to assist...
Happy quilting everyone!!!!

AND THE TWIST………….. ‘Put your HEART in it’

~ ONE 10.5in sqs from 5 (Five) different 100% cotton UN-washed heart fabric

Each member is allowed ONE set of the twist. This is something new I will try and if it flops then, it will have been a learning experience. Members who choose to participate will rotary cut ONE -10.5 square of 5 different fabrics- Fabric MUST have a heart(s) on it somewhere-No specific color requirement, you will then mail them all in ONE gallon sized bag.--- NO NAMED--- I will then swap bag for bag –Squares will not be removed from the Ziploc. You will in return get 5 DIFFERENT heart squares from another member of this swap..

*** This TWIST is optional - Not mandatory to participate in the twist to join the RED swap ***

sample piece for baggie

sample of ALL sets - example

sample of ALL sets - example
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will post list of swappers here..



1. KarenBarnes -2 sets PLUS twist..........RECD
2. Leezer -2sets- -...............................RECD/Delivered
3. azmadgranny -5 sets PLUS twist.........RECD
4. Momma_K - 4 Sets PLUS twist............RECD/Delivered
5. sunrise450 - 5 sets PLUS Twist -.........RECD
6. Qbee - 3 Sets PLUS "Twist"................RECD
7. cctx. – 2 sets - ...............................RECD
8. kreinhart742 - 1 set -.......................RECD
9. Lucylockett – 4 sets PLUS Twist...........RECD
10. gapeach - 4 sets PLUS Twist.............RECD
11. Midwestqltr - 3 sets plus TWIST ........RECD
12. SewScrappy - 4 sets PLUS twist........RECD
13. oldmountaincrafts - 3 sets PLUS twist...RECD
14 Stacey65 – 4 sets...........................RECD/Delivered
15. Shelrox - 4 sets PLUS twist - .............RECD
16 . Rainagade - 2 sets .........................RECD
17. fatens - 4 sets PLUS twist-.................RECD
18. Saraaev - 5 sets PLUS twist................RECD


20. sewextreme - 3 sets PLUS twist.......RECD
21 . tangloak - 3 sets - ......................RECD
22. Gwenny - 4 sets PLUS twist - .........RECD/Delivered
23. WonkyWanda - 3 sets PLUS twist - ..RECD
24. UglyCook - 4 sets plus twist!...........RECD
25. KimmieH - 5 sets plus twist - .........RECD
26. Homecaregiver - 5 sets PLUS Twist...RECD
27.grumpy90650 - 2 sets plus twist - .....RECD
28. sustraley - 3 sets plus the twist - .....RECD/Delivered
29. Kay Carlson -5 sets PLUS twist.........RECD
30. nana4baj - 5 sets plus twist.............RECD
31.myrtle1357 - 4 sets plus twist - ........RECD
32. sharon b - 5 sets plus twist..............RECD/Delivered
33 Jeantro - 4 plus twist......................RECD
34. nurse bonnie - 3 sets plus twist-.......RECD
35. bonitagaye - 3 sets- .....................RECD
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Members 1-18 Go ahead an begin cutting..

Group TWO

Members 20-36, You have the GO ahead.. You may begin cutting and mailing your sets..



2. Leezer
15. Shelrox

Rec'd Sometime this week during my snowed in period..

21 . tangloak
22. Gwenny
25. KimmieH
28. sustraley





nothing recd

sunrise 450
Faten aka Charming


Kay Carlson

Sharon B




Sew Scrappy
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I'm in for this as well as the twist! I love hearts!!!

I PM'd you to do 2 sets of the red but will look to see if I can do more...
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Hi Luv,
Please put me down for 2 sets. Looking forward to this swap.
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Will be doing this one - just have to count my sets :thumbup: Thanks for hosting another swap :lol:
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I am in pm on the way
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Hey LUV!! You know I'm in and on the Twist!! Great idea..love it!! Sending PM!
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Oh how fun! I think I'm gonna do 3 sets and the "twist"....SO exciting :D
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Please put me down for 4 sets and the Twist.
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