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Birthday Swap 2018/2019 New

Birthday Swap 2018/2019 New

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Default Birthday Swap 2018/2019 New

2018/ 2019 Birthday Swap...candy style 2.5"

2.5 Candy Birthday swap is now open for sign ups and will remain open until we get 35 people to join or February 19th.

Hello and welcome to the 2.5" Candy Birthday Swap. Candy squares are 2.5" 100% cotton squares that you would be happy to put in your own quilt.

This is how this swap will work:

1. Very Important this is a year long commitment.

2. PM me your name, address, Email, phone number and your birthday (month and day) Also see below for an additional question.
Newbies (new to this swap) you must get a recommendation from a past hostess or from Anyone that was in a previous birthday swap. Absolutely No Flakers here!!! You must have swap or know the person giving the recommendation.

3. While you are waiting for the swap to start get your packages of 50 unique 2.5" candy squares ready to be mailed.

4. Starting for March (on feb 20) I will send everyone a list of who is celebrating a birthday that month so you can send out their "candy present". I will send out the list on the 20th of each month. You should have your envelopes ready when I send these addresses out.

5. Birthday person please keep track of who you received your candy from, please let me know if you have not received a package from someone. Please post a Thank You on the board to Everyone that has sent you a package on our thread.

6. I will have contests again this year but they will be randomly throughout the year. Feel free to play as often as you want the only rule is: You must be a swapper in good standing to win. Which means Every package that has been sent by you has been received on time. I keep track when every package is received....this is why it is very important for the Birthday receiver to post received packages in a timely manner.

7. Birthday Recipient, please give positive feedback to everyone who you receive from on time. Your package must be on time to get positive feedback. Anyone over 10 days late will get Negative feedback.

8. Sit back and wait for your birthday then go to your mailbox and enjoy little packages all month long!

9. Please post on the thread when you have mailed your birthday package and of course wish them a Happy Birthday.

10. 4 or more "Late" packages will
disqualify any one to participate in future swaps.

**** Extra question: Add on the thread colors that you would like to see. Do Not put down what you don't want. This is not mandatory to follow. These are just suggestions. This swap is suppose to be a good stash busters so try and use what you have and want to share.

I am going to limit this to the first 35 people and only addresses in the USA (for postage sake Sorry).

The general swap rules apply: https://www.quiltingboard.com/member-swaps-round-row-robins-f11/rules-swaps-similar-activities-updated-8-december-2010-a-t20154.html

Any questions please feel free to post them in this thread...because someone else probably has the same ones!

This is our sixth year for this swap .....the first, second and third year went well and many friends were made. Fourth year ...everyone’s packages were on time… Fifth year almost all were on time!....I expect to have everyone one on time this year!!!!

Looking forward to another year of fun, friends and of course cute little candy squares!!!


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Old 01-21-2018, 05:06 PM
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So here is the list..........So far for the 2018/2019 Birthday swap.

Anoka Quilter
Faintly Artistic

Jane Quilter
Janice McC
Patrick's mom
Rosemary Attaway

Red are the newbies....Welcome!

We have 27 so far. If your name is on this list you do Not have to send me a PM ....I already have your information.

Please introduce your self and if you have color desires add that too.

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Hello everyone,
I am Barb the Coordinator of the swap. This will be my 6th year leading this birthday swap group. I am a mom of 3 girl, boy and an angel, grandma (Mema) to 6 and a wife to 1. Love to quilt, scrapbook, take photo's and garden. My mom taught me to quilt 7 years ago and I attend with my mom two local quilting groups weekly. Really enjoy going to the quilt groups and feel I learn a lot from everyone.

Love all the colors so send me any sweet little candy square you have.


Okay who is next........................
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Hi Fellow Quilters, I'm Pat and I'm a newbie to this group. I have been quilting for a long time. I belong to the same quilting group as Barb (the coordinator) .I have 3 grown children 1 daughter and 2 sons.I'm a Nana to 4 grandkids 2 girls 2 boys I'm really pretty open to all different kinds of quilts and colors. Pat
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Welcome to the group Pat...so happy you are joining us. could you PM me with your birthday.

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I 'm Jane and this is my 2nd year with this swap. I have found that their are no ugly fabrics when you cut them into 2.5" squares. The more varied you have, the more interesting the quilt or item you are making becomes. Fabrics that I never would have bought become stunners in a quilt and people have pointed to that exact square with compliments! Who knew? There are a lot of friends to be made on this swap, and the 20th of every month is marked on my phone calendar for the entire year in anticipation of mailing to my new friends. Barb is a great hostess and I look forward to a wonderful new year on this thread. Welcome all newbies!
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Old 01-22-2018, 05:50 AM
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I am WMUTeach, newly retired but still working part-time by choice. I have been a sewer since I was 6. I had a very brave mother who allowed me to use her machine at that age. I was always a fabric crafter and garment maker until my sister-in-law passed away and I took her tools, stash an unfinished projects so I could continue her tradition of making quilts for special family occasions. Sixteen years plus later, I only make quilts and on a rare occasion American Girl doll clothes. I believe this is my 5 year or maybe 6 year with the swap and I am madly in love with 2.5 inch squares.

Welcome newbies and hello swapping friends from previous years. Any you lurkers, join us. It is fun, relatively painless and what a birthday we have each year!
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I'm Onaemtnest, Welcome newbies you are going to really love this swap! Please don't stress and enjoy the upcoming year!

This will be my 4th year joining this great group that dedicates themselves to send birthday greetings each month along with those delightful non-caloric candies. Like one of the other members has said, I too, enjoy sending out the greetings as much as receiving them on my birthday month.

If asked, my preference of colors would be shades of
pink and all the gradients up to mauve's and my stash seriously lacks yellow's. Again like Jane Quilter has said, there is really no ugly fabric when combined with an abundance of other 2.5" candies.

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Hello, I'm MizMelly, and this will be my 3rd year participating in this swap! It's a great stash buster, plus all the neat ideas and pattern suggestions that come out of this group!
I'm retired 1.5 years from higher education, working for more than 34 years in dusty academic libraries. I've been sewing since...??? 9 or 10, I started with the 4-H club, and my mom used to sew and alter our hand-m-down clothes when we were kids, which also prompted the urge to create our own styles! (some were rather hilarious).
I've been quilting for over 20 years, and there for a few years I did commission quilts, although that sideline died a few years ago. Funny how people want custom but only willing to pay department store prices!
I have several bins of candies that keep my sewing room full, and one of these days I'll start cracking that stash.
I have no color preferences, I love the variety that comes in the birthday candies.
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Hi, I'm Julie from Arizona. I have swapped with a few of y'all before in the monthly charm swap. I bought my first sewing machine in 2000 and taught myself to sew/quilt. (okay, I really tried lots of stuff and finally learned from my many mistakes!) I started seriously quilting about 3 years ago when my homeschooled kids started attending community college and I found myself home alone all day when I was used to a houseful. Have 5, but 4 are still at home. I have gone from "you have to have at least 5 fabrics in a quilt or it is boring, but 7 is better..." (said that to my daughter once when I was a newbie) to using 50+ fabrics in a quilt or it is boring! I like controlled scrappy. Can always use neutrals and my stash is shy in the red, pink, turquoise and yellow departments; but I can use just about any piece...

My house is on the market and I hope to be moving in the next few months to a bigger house with a dedicated sewing space. But I will do my best to be on time in the process!
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