December mini Quilt swap

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Yes, fun sneak Teresa! Love looking at it. I have the top done on my mini. Just need to sandwich & finish off.
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Nice sneak peak. Now I need to speed up a bit.
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Tlambing, looks great.. love the colors on that sneak peek! Now get that baby in the mail! Lolol..
You know I'm teasing on the last part...
I have yours ready to layer and finish. I think it's pretty cute, and I hope you like it. I'm hoping to have it mailed out by Friday.
Been keeping grandson, and taking granddaughter to her kindergarten Christmas party. My son had surgery Friday. Hubby and I kept our grandson, as daughter-in-law was with our son. Our lil grandson (1 yr old in few days) has been sick, and just can't seem to get over the "crud". He's such a lil trooper, still smiling and even laughs, which turns to a lil cry because he's not feeling well. It breaks my heart. And I know my son and daughter-in-law are even more upset about it. He's had 2 visits to his pediatrician, hoping the meds he's on now along with breathing treatments will clear things up!
I told my son I'm sorry he's genetically my hubby's son, and that my grandson is genetically his son... Because they all have terrible allergies, which lead to sinus infections, ear infections, throat infections, bronchitis. Bad enough for an adult, and terrible for our grandbaby!
So I'm praying everyone heals from surgeries, and gets well asap!
On a happy note, our grandson was hilarious to keep Friday. He's been walking since 10 mos old, so he was toddling everywhere, getting into everything. He had on lil levis, and of course that added to the cuteness. He'd cut his eyes at my hubby, start to toddle off while giggling. As if to say, "I know I'm not supposed to go over there, but I am!!". My hubby would get him, pretend "airplane fly" him back toward me. Grandson held out his lil fat hands to me and laughed. I'd melt.. Then he'd toddle off, I'd chase him, "fly" him back toward Grampy. Repeat, repeat, repeat... It was absolutely priceless fun, but I will admit we were 2 exhausted grandparents later.
Then last night was granddaughter's kindergarten Christmas party. She had such a great time, and we feel blessed to have them live close enough that we can be so involved in their lives. We may be crawling tomorrow, but happily

Take care all,

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My best to your family Kif. No fun being under the weather hope everyone is healthy again soon.
I just can't wait for GKs. Yes I can, but no I cant! My daughter is 25 and not married and my son is 22 and single. I guess it'll be a few yrs. your airplane story is so heart warming! I've warned my kids that I'm gonna be a spoiling gma! I can hardly wait!

Trying to to figure out how I'm going to finish these minis off....border, no border etc. I think I have the backing and quilting figured out though. Hope to have the one done tonight and be well on my way with the other. Can't Mail til both are done! No favoritism here ladies.

How are you all coming along on yours?
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I have the top about 50% finished on mine. I have to stitch everything down and add some embellishments. Does that give you a hint that it is applique? I will post a sneak peek later.
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My partner and I have been in touch and I'm starting mine today since I finished the last "family" gift that needs to get shipped out this week. I'm paranoid about mailing too late since my package to my mom was delayed by almost a week because UPS underestimated the amount of staffing that they needed and were overwhelmed by the flood of packages coming through the system. Mom finally got her box of gifts on the 23rd, and I was sweating bullets the whole time!! This year I am mailing very early to avoid the rush!! And I hope to have my mini done and ready to go by this coming Friday!!
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Those are cute stories of the little ones Kiffie. I will be working on my mini today, and hope to finish it this week also, and get it sent out. I think we are all a busy bunch during these holidays upon us.
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I can't believe how much I got done on my mini tonight. I even have the sandwich parts cut out, and now thinking of embellishments. I hope my partner will like it.
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Planned on starting mine today. Ended up in the ER instead.
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I understand why you're in the ER. I am planning an extra special mini for you now. <Hugs>
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