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Macybaby 09-05-2020 08:25 AM

jaba, I'd recommend looking at the free quilt patterns on equilter.com. They have a lot that use panels so there are many ideas of borders put around "pictures"


sewbizgirl 09-05-2020 08:44 AM

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I'm thinking something sky-like would be pretty above the tree. Even if just in color....

I'm still plugging on my round. Here is a sneak peek that shows Givio's round and my round after it.

Mona G 09-05-2020 11:54 AM

Originally Posted by givio (Post 8415631)
carriem, Are you asking how we added the picture that you see on the left when we write a comment? It's called an Avatar. To add one, click on the brown button with your name at the top of the page, in the header, across from the Quilting Board logo. In the drop down menu choose User Control Panel. In the left hand column of links, choose Edit Avatar.

I've not had luck the last couple of times I tried adding a new photo, not sure if I need to shrink the photo

carriem 09-05-2020 12:45 PM

Mona I had to shrink like I do when I add a pic to a post...also there are two places to add a picture. The profile picture and the avatar. The first time I changed my profile picture...have to go a little further down on the left to find avatar.

I just clicked on your name and can see a picture in your profile so it looks like maybe you did what I did initially :)

Mona G 09-05-2020 01:47 PM

Thanks. I'll try again.

maryb119 09-05-2020 03:22 PM

sewbizgirl! I love it!!!!

givio 09-05-2020 06:32 PM

SBG, Wow and double wow! Your sneak peak looks great! I like the blue, I like the white, I like the black/white print-- I was hoping you would use solid black, and you did! I'm sure the round is going to be perfect!

carriem, Glad to have helped!

Mona, Go to the post that has your top picture that you want to use. Or find the picture in my album. You can use your 'print screen' key on your keyboard to capture the picture. Then paste it (to paste it, use the control key and the v key at the same time) into the Paint program. Then use the 'crop' tool in Paint to cut off the rest of your screen, so you have only the picture of your top. The picture can't be too big if you take it that way. Save it from Paint to your hard drive. Then you upload it per previous instruction....

sewbizgirl 09-05-2020 08:10 PM

Thanks, Giv!
Mary, I'm glad you like what you see, so far. I should be able to show the whole thing, perhaps tomorrow. I tried to repeat colors and white from the center, black and white from Givio's round, and keep it looking somewhat "game-boardish". Your quilt has said "game board" to me right from the beginning. I love it. More soon...!

travelinggramma 09-06-2020 10:29 AM

Question for anyone who has done a large quilt RR (I have only done wall hanging or lap top size).
Has anyone stay stitch around before sending? With the edges sometimes having small pieces or against the grain, has anyone had any problems? Under normal situations I would probably be bringing them to quilting groups and passed around, so I am wondering for the future too!

Iceblossom 09-06-2020 10:56 AM

Travelinggramma, since I typically press open I have been trying to have solid bands of fabric to tie in my seams. If I didn't do that, I'd be stay-stitching at the 1/8" mark before sending on.

This last round with 50" long 1/2" finished fabric was really concerning to me -- it just seemed so long and unwieldy in addition to being an odd measurement in quilt terms, but since it provided float I left it a bit larger to hopefully allow Mary an easier time to fit in her border without having to resort to yet another 1/2" round.

sewbizgirl 09-06-2020 06:28 PM

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Ok Mary, here is the finished round 4 on your quilt. Quilt now measures about 54" square. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Bugaroo 09-06-2020 06:36 PM

Sewbizgirl, love it! From your preview, I had no idea. I just could not imagine how it was going to fit together. But the whole looks great and makes perfect sense.

sewbizgirl 09-06-2020 06:59 PM

Thanks Bug, ha ha! I was trying not to give too much away with that sneak peek.

givio 09-06-2020 08:51 PM

SBG, Oh! You have used four different black and white prints! I didn't guess that! Is the blue all the same all the way around? It's hard to see on my screen.

sewbizgirl 09-06-2020 09:07 PM

Yep, same blue all the way around the outside edge. Thank you!

maryb119 09-07-2020 03:38 AM

sewbizgirl....I love it!!!! It has so much movement and the design is perfect!! Thank you so much!

sewbizgirl 09-07-2020 04:38 AM

You are welcome, Mary. I’m happy you like it!

sewbizgirl 09-07-2020 02:06 PM

Oops... my bad. The pinwheels are round three, not four.

Macybaby 09-08-2020 03:44 AM

I've got all the embroidery done for Mona's quilt. Got some stabilizer to pick out, then iron and trim to size. I'll take pictures before I pack it up to ship on to Jaba. Now I can start dreaming about what to do with the next one!

Bugaroo 09-08-2020 04:41 AM

Macybaby, I didn't get Traveliinggramma's in the mail yet. I have it packaged and will mail today along with the Booms.

travelinggramma 09-08-2020 07:16 AM

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Here is bugaroo's third round. I knew i wanted to make the paper pieced bees for her and had to resize them to fit. the flowers are made with the 2.5" candy squares from the birthday swap and I love scrappy! Hope it works for you. I will hold until Mona is ready to send hers on.

sewbizgirl 09-08-2020 07:31 AM

Sweet round, TG... love the bees.

Iceblossom 09-08-2020 08:24 AM

Woohoo on the bees!

Hope everyone is staying well and healthy. I was not really prepared to have the hubby home all three days and didn't get the sewing done I expected to do but we had a good time doing stuff together. Nice thing is I have no real deadlines, self-imposed or not until after our trip.

I did make him a couple of bowling fabric masks, as well as some more for the lady he works with who only has one lung. She was one of the first people I made masks for... I'm not happy making or wearing masks but I'm trying my best to be a good sport and we are going to be wearing masks around here for a long time yet :(

As far as I can tell, we have no fires very close to us but the winds shifted last night and brought smoke from far away. Woke up this morning to a tightened chest, the smell of smoke and a hazy day -- and we are actually in the safe zone. A couple of years ago the Canadian fires were so bad and were hundreds of miles away, but again, we had a wind shift and got the smoke here for weeks.

My thoughts are with those in California and closer to fires, wherever you may be. Fire season is always bad, just one more thing we don't really want to deal with now especially.

Bugaroo 09-08-2020 08:25 AM

I L O V E it ! It reminds me of a garden layout with a center window. The bees are beeeeutiful! And the brown works so nice to break up the rows. Thank you everyone who has worked on my wayward going postal quilt! That may be its name... Going Postal!

Mona G 09-08-2020 10:13 AM

TG, wow, not sure how I'm going to follow that.
Macybaby, can't wait to see the completed round.

Bugaroo 09-08-2020 10:48 AM

Macybaby, I mailed TG's quilt per our conversation. USPS Tracking # 9405 5036 9930 0018 9135 68

LeeAnn 09-08-2020 11:48 AM

Sewbizgirl, I love what you did with Mary's quilt! It looks great!

sewbizgirl 09-08-2020 12:45 PM

Thank you, Lee Ann. https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images/smilies/heart.gif

maryb119 09-08-2020 12:55 PM

iceblossom, I got the center in the mail today!! Wow! Pictures don't do it justice! I have to put on my thinking cap for this one.

Macybaby 09-09-2020 03:44 AM

I spent last night picking stabilizer out from the flowers - sometimes I think it take more time to do that than the embroidery! Though these designs aren't that big of a deal and it's easy enough to do while watching videos. Though I have to take my glasses off to see what I'm doing, so it's more like listening to videos than watching them https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images/smilies/smile.png. I've got the Boom fabric to mail off tomorrow, so I'll work on getting this ready to mail at the same time. That way DH only has to make one trip to the PO.

Iceblossom 09-09-2020 04:15 AM

Mary, glad to hear the mail seems to be working as I expect it to again! I mailed another package the same day and it arrived as well. Nice thing is you have some time to think and enjoy the project. It really changed for me when I had it in person from what I saw in the pictures.

Hubby is back at work and I hope to get some work done on the Frolic UFO. Today though it is Costco before we are out of cat food. Nobody gets to do what they want if the cat is unhappy...

TheMerkleFamily 09-09-2020 09:40 AM

Wow ladies! I have been a very quiet lurker and just had to make comment on how awesome each of these rounds are progressing. All of your creative ingenuity is inspiring and I find myself looking forward to checking the QB just to see what magic is happening on the RR thread. Thank you for the daily eye-candy :) Can't wait to see how these all finish!


sewbizgirl 09-09-2020 11:23 AM

Thanks, Christine. Maybe you’ll want to join us on the next one.

Mona G 09-09-2020 03:03 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I'm finally getting back to working on the RR after making a few quilt tops for church and a couple of more masks for my parents.

Here is a sneak peak at my plan for the corners and a little bit of the flying geese. I need to do some more tweaking on the measurements of the snowball squares so there aren't any gabs between them. I tried to shrink a 12.5 inch block down to 6.5 but I guess some of my calculations were wrong.
This is why I like to make test blocks.

Mona G 09-09-2020 03:07 PM

SBG, I'm not sure if I commented prior regarding the last round you posted but it is awesome.

travelinggramma 09-09-2020 05:06 PM

Mona , great choice on bringing the black out. Looking forward to it

givio 09-09-2020 05:14 PM

Mona, beautiful fussy cutting on the cornerstones!

TG, I agree with Bugaroo, the light brown breaks up the rounds nicely. It will give the eye something different to communicate to the brain. :-) Maybe I'm not explaining well what I mean. I thought the same about the round IceBlossom did on my top-- it's a nice change of pace. I think these rounds will work well being round 3, the middle round of the top. I have the feeling they will give a surprisingly pleasing effect when viewed at the end result.

Bugaroo 09-09-2020 06:28 PM

Beautiful corners Mona. Sounds like you've been busy.

I agree with givio, every time a new round comes out it is such a surprise and the final quilts we just be wonderful!

sewbizgirl 09-09-2020 07:44 PM

Thank you for the compliment, Mona!

I love what you have going for your round so far. Cant wait to see it once you get all the details worked out. Love the flying geese!

Iceblossom 09-10-2020 06:29 AM

Howdy all! Yesterday when I went to Costco, you could see the smoke from the fires around us. I have some compromised lung issues and am already getting some tightness -- but with my knee it's not like I was running fast anyway. I called my son before I left yesterday to ask him if it was time to get more diapers and he said "well, actually we need a lot of things and was hoping you could take us to Costco". So I get to go to Costco again today -- and I get to see the grand baby who is officially 1 year old today!

There will be a small outdoor family gathering at the other Grandparents home on Saturday (fingers crossed, with more fires and air quality issues that they stay out of the danger area) and along with diapers we will be picking up party supplies. A couple of the hubby's coworkers have been evacuated out of one of the fire areas, but that is in a slightly different direction.

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