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Anoka Quilter 10-17-2014 09:43 AM

What a cutie. Congradulations on the new grandbaby.

Originally Posted by mcdaniel023 (Post 6931704)
I have to share...I got an early Christmas present. Meet my new grandgirlie Kate.

madamekelly 10-17-2014 10:04 AM

As I was going through my quilting books to include in the SS box, I found a book I did not know I had, and recently looked for, to buy second hand. Well, yet again my memory issues have given me a wonderful surprise!
I have been trying to figure out how to get all this stuff in one box to send...how can I leave anything out? I guess I could do my famous "exploding box" trick. I just keep squishing, and squashing, until I can tape the box up! I better put a notice on the box so no one is injured when all this wonderful pops out of the gift box! My giftee has a D in their name.

didi 10-17-2014 10:27 AM

Madamekelly, it has to be me, I have 2 D's in my name, LOL

quilt addict 10-17-2014 11:01 AM

Originally Posted by Quilty-Louise (Post 6928990)
Another hint (or two) for my Santee.

Your 4 year anniversary on the QB was within the last 4 months.

I am planning to make something for you which you said was something
you collect/love. One of the colors you like is blue. I wonder how the item
that I plan to make will look with blue? hmmm will give it a try.

You DON'T have an embroidery machine, so I am thinking of making
a little something using embroidery.

At first I thought this was me but looked up my anniversary and has it really been that many years?????

Anoka Quilter 10-17-2014 11:20 AM

Madamekelly, I also have two D's in my name.

Originally Posted by didi (Post 6932596)
Madamekelly, it has to be me, I have 2 D's in my name, LOL

quilt addict 10-17-2014 11:27 AM

Lots of clues going on but alas, about half of them apply to me. So to my giftee, you live more than 2000 miles east of me.

Is it TGIF time yet, I'm ready to head to that hole and keep those cabana boys busy for QUILTING Happy Hour, well I really mean more than just an hour.

buddy'smom 10-17-2014 11:29 AM

Oh me, I have 2 D's in my board name????

Originally Posted by didi (Post 6932596)
Madamekelly, it has to be me, I have 2 D's in my name, LOL

grammyj 10-17-2014 11:59 AM

Wish my SS person would put some info about what she likes and wuold like to get. I got very little to go on.

mjmachin 10-17-2014 12:33 PM

So I thought a few of the clues could apply to me.....but BAM...someone said something that just "has" to be me.
Hummmm, have I really figured out who my SS is ??? I will keep reading, but I think I am down in the hole with you!! Pass me one of those drinks...they sound really good!!!

ljs317 10-17-2014 12:57 PM

Oh my that is a most beautiful little girl!!!

As for all the beautiful fabric, slightly used quilt supplies,apron and antique tea cup I want it all. I would be thrilled with anything.

Here's a snake story for you. My great great grandmother was working in her garden and watching her granddaughter when she saw a big snake slithering up toward her granddaughter. She ran grabbing up the baby and hacking at the snake with her hoe cutting the snakes head off. Turns out the circus was setting up in the field behind her house and the boa constrictor escaped. It took six men and grannie to hold up the headless snake for a photo. Of course grannie doesn't really count because she is only using one hand, her other hand is raised in the air hold her hoe aloft like the warrior princess that she was! The circus wasn't to pleased with grannie but they did give her tickets for the show but grannie was a no show at the circus . Lol

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