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sewbizgirl 10-14-2014 11:08 AM

Originally Posted by Neesie (Post 6928723)
It does make shopping extra hard (and not nearly as much fun), when one's Secret Santee never posts. :( Since the person doesn't seem interested in sharing our banter along with likes/dislikes, I would assume he/she will be happy to get just about anything. About the best you can do is to fill the box with things that would make you happy to receive . . . unless of course, that includes something truly bizarre! :D

Yeah, why worry about it? If they never post, they probably aren't going to post a picture of what they get, either, so be sure to take your own photos.

I HAVE seen my 'person' post here, and that can serve as my hint! I also will say that in snooping around on the board and reading some posts she posted elsewhere, I figured out what gift to sew for her. Hope she likes it!

sewbizgirl 10-14-2014 11:11 AM

Originally Posted by didi (Post 6928185)
I am SS to someone that has a Southern name.

Could it be me, Lulubelle Von Beauregard?

Chester the bunny 10-14-2014 11:19 AM

Originally Posted by sewbizgirl (Post 6928830)
Could it be me, Lulubelle Von Beauregard?

Sewbizgirl --- what a coincidence, but I spell my last name Beaureguard with a U :o)

tlrnhi 10-14-2014 11:56 AM

Ok Ladies....I'm jumping in here.

It is up to them whether they want to post or not.
What ya'll are saying IS bashing to them. I will NOT tolerate it!!
If I see any more posts referring to someone's person not posting and/or not putting enough info about themselves out there, I WILL REMOVE YOU FROM THE SWAP!!

quilt addict 10-14-2014 11:58 AM

I'm still a week behind in reading all the posts. Boy am i ready for some quality hole time. It is going to be a really busy month. But I wanted to post incase my SS is wondering how I would answer some questions.

I read real books, so I love book marks, the real physical ones that you put between paper pages, not those virtual ones.

If you like chocolate, do you prefer white chocolate, milk chocolate, of dark chocolate? DARK chocolate but all chocolate is good.

What are your favorite fabric colors? Blue, purple and aquas

What are your favorite non-fabric colors? greens and magenta

Would you enjoy receiving sewing notions, such as seam rippers, small rulers, etc.? Love em, always need a new sharp ripper, bobbin keepers, rulers

Would you enjoy receiving quilt patterns or books? If so, give examples of what you don't already have. YES always, working on learning domestic machine quilting and figuring out what quilt design should be.

Do you enjoy non-quilting books, such as fiction? If so, what type? yes, historical novels

Would you enjoy receiving a regional T-shirt? If so, what size? sure, Med

Would you enjoy receiving regional postcards or other souvenir items? absolutely would love memory.

Would you enjoy receiving a pincushion or needle-case? Yes, especially needle case.

Would you enjoy receiving socks? - the brighter, crazier the better.

Please list any other items, you'd be happy to find in your SS package. fabric of any kind, blenders, mug rug, Christmas themed items, friendship and inspirational messages.

So excited that I found some info on my giftee after snooping around. Now to figure out what I can put in that box that is waiting.

didi 10-14-2014 12:49 PM

Now Sewbizgirl, that is a real Southern Cajon name. LOL

Quilty-Louise 10-14-2014 01:12 PM

Another hint (or two) for my Santee.

Your 4 year anniversary on the QB was within the last 4 months.

I am planning to make something for you which you said was something
you collect/love. One of the colors you like is blue. I wonder how the item
that I plan to make will look with blue? hmmm will give it a try.

You DON'T have an embroidery machine, so I am thinking of making
a little something using embroidery.

roseirish48 10-14-2014 03:26 PM

Originally Posted by ljdugas31 (Post 6927900)
I am SS to someone who has the letter E in her name ,needs to build her stash!!

thata what my ss keeps saying.....do you think we got the same ss?

Neesie 10-14-2014 04:21 PM

Originally Posted by BrendaK (Post 6928791)
My sendee has not posted anything either. Hopefully what I send she will like better than the person I sent to two years ago.Last year I noticed that that person sent a lot of the things I sent her to someone else, (who did seem to like them).So I was a little nervous about what to send this year. Does it matter what size box we send our things in? The box I have now is just too small. I hope I am not going overboard because of the previous years experience but I so want them to like something of what I sent. Oh well I am having fun getting the things together. Can I come to the hole and jump in? PLEASE. BrendaK

I always try to use one of the Flat Rate boxes, just so that I don't get surprised with the postage.

The Hole is always open to friends! :thumbup:

mhcpa 10-14-2014 06:34 PM

FYI if my SS is watching, but I will appreciate ANY thing!
Do you:......
1) like buttons? Not particularly
2) like zippers? yes. Exotic ones
3) like wonder clips? Yes but I just purchased a box of 50 regular sized so really dont need.
4) drink coffee, and/or hot heat? iced tea? soft drinks? I never drink coffee, it makes me mean. I like hot tea in cold weather, but I live in the south and it doesnt get cold much so I mainly drink sweet tea. I am also a diet coke addict.
5) like Christmas themed items? Yes, I am a Christian so mostly biblical things
6) like embroidery bookmarks. Sure, dont have any either
7) have any grand kids? I married an older guy so I have 7 step grands and a great grand with another great grand to be born any day now. My oldest son is married, no kids. My youngest is a Senior! I am very close with my step kids and their kids.
8) put up a Christmas Tree? Yes, a white one. I have a new skirt I am making this year.
9) like handmade (machine embroidery) ornaments? Sure, dont have any
10) would you like a travel cup/mug?Not really
11) how do you organize your fabric?​ I have clear shoe boxes and they are sorted by color, or they are sorted by project and I try to keep in a tote bag or clear plastic box. Or just anywhere around my room, living room etc. Master bedroom is sewing room. Hubby has his peaceful room on other end of the house as he has different sleeping habits than me.

This is my first year doing this. I love so much different fabric it is hard to chose for my secret santa. I have been gathering her items and hope she will like!!!!!

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