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Question Advice Needed

My husband agreed to help me organize the craft room tomorrow, and neither of us are great at organizing, so could use some suggestions or ideas.

It is a small room, with slanted ceiling due to being a cape. The pictures make it look a little bigger than it actually is.

These pictures are from April, I didn't think to get new pictures before I started trying to move everything out of the room in preparation for organizing it tomorrow. Most of the bins you see are full of fabric (Plus a lot more fabric I've picked up since April)

Behind the shorter cubby shelves are bolts of fleece fabric as well
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Have you thought about building shelves above your lower rolling carts? You have a lot of everything in that small room. I did a Bing search for Organizing a sewing room and found lots of pictures of completed ones. A Google search gave me tips for how to do it.
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First idea that came to me is to organize your fab. I made a huge mess when organizing my fab but really paid off when I was done. Is it possible to have shelving in the hall outside your room? I have a small 5 shelf unit when I keep clear containers with charms and fat quarters. Please show pic of how this is going for you. Gives some of us incentive to at least tidy up a bit...speaking of MY organized chaos.
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I would love to have that room!

I googled "storage in a room with a sloped ceiling" and there were several links with good ideas. Do you have an Ikea nearby? One or two specifically use their products, although I'm sure there are things that are not from Ikea that would be similar.

Hopefully, if you click on this link, you'll see the highlights for the search I did. Maybe something will appeal to you.
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Looks like a fun and creative space. You don't need to pull everything out of the room. Measure the space and the wall areas. Just jot it down on paper. Measure the book shelf units and the sewing table to determine where they will fit into the space.Like a puzzle, there is only so much space to fit it all in. Work with the lines of the space.

Organize one area at a time. Set small goals for each day and it will soon be done. Put similar items together so there is continuity to the space. Move all the bins with the other bins onto the units that hold them.

First, Is there a view out the window? I would claim that space for the sewing desk. Move out the large white shelf unit. Add the wall peg system to that area in a large grid.

RE: The white shelves for bins under the eaves. Is it one that can be rotated? What is the current height of the shelves? Approx 30 inches? Put it upright and move to space between the drapes and the eaves.

Move all the plastic storage units under the eaves.

Clear off the wood book shelf unit and use for fabric storage. Move it to the wall where the sewing desk is now. Ruler fold the fabrics as they will store easier. Are you using the bins for storage? Ruler fold to the size of the bin. Lay the bin sideways so you can see the stack of fabric. No need to pull the bin off the shelf when selecting fabrics as you can see them all.

You may find after organizing that you don't even need the wood book shelf in the room. Good luck and tackle the room with small goals each day. Please show us "after" pictures.
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I agree with shelves on the wall. I've always had shelves and they really help free up floor space. When I sewed in a 4' x 6' breakfast nook in our townhouse, I had everything I could on the walls. It really helps.
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My two cents is to consider creating work "stations". I know I am highly influenced by Karen Brown of "Just Get It Done Quilts, but stations help me concentrate/focus on what should be where. Then I can sort, declutter, and organize within those work stations.
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FWIW, I would move the sewing table in front of the window - whether you face it looking out or towards the room doesn't matter. The natural light is provides would be a plus (for me) especially during the winter and you could enjoy the window to see what's happening outside. You could then use the space where your sewing machine is now for more shelves, a cutting table, or for an ironing station.

I agree with those who said to organize your fabric. I did this a few months ago and it was well worth it!
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