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Default Comic book boards

I would like to fold my fabrics around comic book boards, but I'm not sure what kind or size to get, or whether they're actually safe for fabric storage. I have lots of fabric, which means lots of boards would be required, and it could get expensive, so I don't want to select the wrong boards. I wonder whether any of you have researched this and could share your results?

This is an article I found when trying to decide what boards to get -

I think it's important that anything used to store fabric be acid-free. From what I read in the article, some of the boards are coated on one side only, and the back is not acid-free. Further, some of the tests show that the coating breaks down over time. Some of the boards are buffered with a calcium carbonate solution, and those appear to be acid-free throughout.

So I've decided to look for the boards that are buffered with the calcium carbonate solution, but what size should I get? They would be used mostly for 1-3 yards of fabric; will one size do, or should I get a different size for larger pieces of fabric? Or does it all depend on the size of my shelving?

And finally - does anyone have recommendations for the best place to get good prices on the boards? TIA
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I was able to go to a Comic Book store and see the various boards - can't remember what I bought but was assured they were what collectors use in their "Collectable" comic books. Mostly I bought the standard 7in. x 10in. - there is a slightly larger size I got by accident and just used them for NFL & MLB fabrics since they are 60in. wide.

It's been a couple years now and the fabrics are all fine. I do keep my fabric in bins (the ones that are made for files I got a Joann's) and being in So. Cal. I don't have an issue with moisture.

I also cut a lot in half ( 3.5 x 5) for fat quarters and pieces.

If your live near a large mall they may have a comic book store - I believe ours is called Comics & Stuff. I know it was under $10.00 for 100 board. I bought 300 to begin with and the guy asked me what I was going to do with them and was totally surprised when I told him. He thought I had inherited a large box of comics.
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I went to the comic book store and bought mine. I started with 100 and had to go back. I still don't have mine all on the boards but I am slowly working at it. I told the clerk what I was looking for and he thought I was crazy. Mine cost about $10.00 too.
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I bought mine from Amazon. I didn't worry too much about acid free on both sides or not. That was several years ago and none of the fabrics that I've pulled to use shows any sign of being stained or damaged by being on boards that weren't acid-free on both sides. I bought the regular size, I think it was as little larger than 10x7. I cut them to the size I need to manage my fabric and also fit in my drawer units. I've got some that have 3 or more yards of fabric on them. Others have as little as a fat quarter. I've even started wrapping my smaller than a fat quarter but too big to cut scraps around them and standing them in the drawer and that has helped a lot- both with controlling the mess and with helping me use those scraps up since I can see at a glance what is in my scrap drawers now.
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I decided to buy the Polar Notion Mini Bolt holders because they were sturdier, which was my preference. They are more costly ($64/50) but I don't have the inventory like so many do so it worked for me. I figure I can buy comic boards when inventory gets out of!
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I just bought mine off Amazon, 100 for $11.85. I don’t have any idea where a comic book store is and yes, could probably find one, but the convenience of them being delivered to my door is worth the $1.85 difference to me.
The “Golden Age” sized ones are 7 1/2 x 10 1/2 which is the size that works well for me for yardage and cutting some in half for a yard or less.
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These are the ones I bought. My fabric has been on the boards about 3 years now and no problems. If you read the reviews, you will find that quite a few people are using them for fabric. These are acid free and treated with calcium carbonate.
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Originally Posted by Murphy224 View Post
These are the ones I bought. My fabric has been on the boards about 3 years now and no problems. If you read the reviews, you will find that quite a few people are using them for fabric. These are acid free and treated with calcium carbonate.
You can buy from BCW direct. I'm not sure if there is a price difference than buying on Amazon, but it might be worth checking. I bought some boxes for oversized patterns from them several years ago. They did a good job with the order.
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I just ruler fold mine and put in their respective drawers, decided by background colors, thus no cost.
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I have used them for several years without any problem. I started out with a 1000 that I bought online, much cheaper than the stores. I have used most for 1-3 yd pieces. I store them in the plastic totes and they work very well. I have them sorted by color and on shelves. My bolts are 4 yds and up stacked on shelves. I got most of the boards from Joanns, just by asking for the empty ones.
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