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  • Ideas on notions organization PLEASE!

    Old 06-22-2014, 04:28 AM
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    Default Ideas on notions organization PLEASE!

    After searching for two days for a paper punch(hexies) that I know I own---somewhere----I bit the bullet and bought another, but as I was rooting around finding things in places they shouldn't be and duplicate stuff I realized my notions, needles, gizmos are a mess! So to organize and save my sanity, if that is possible......I have plenty of drawer spaces, but separators(?) or maybe kitchen silverware divided trays or mini baskets in drawers, or contact covered containers or what....what are some ideas? These are only sewing things..no other craft in this area.
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    Old 06-22-2014, 05:08 AM
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    I used to have the same problem. I have several different machines set up and part of my problem was I always needed something that was at another machine. I was lucky & scored this awesome sewing desk from a craigslist ad.
    This is my main sewing center w/ my must used machine. So everything is well within reach w/o always having to get up. I do have scissors, rippers, bobbins etc at each machine along w/ any attachments for that particular machine.
    Now this is not to say I don't still lose items but it happens alot less. I didn't explain this very well but I guess you have to find what works for you. I did alot of reorganizing before I came up w/ a plan that worked for.
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    Old 06-22-2014, 07:23 AM
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    You have some good ideas already as to how to organize, sort and divide things out. I do much the same. The challenge is to find just the right size, so things fit without wasted space ... or a cubby that is just a tad small.

    I keep a "stash" of such ... and when I need something, I can root thru it and solve my dilemma quickly. Another that I like are tin boxes and cans. For all these types of things, what I look for are straight and thin yet solid sides ... less waste space if they can be placed snug together.

    Each of my drawers at my sewing machine have similar items, and those that will be used at the same time. Example, all cutting things are together (assorted scissors, trimmers, clippers, rotary blades, stitch rippers, etc.)

    Consider what is important to keep out and handy, and have a system for those items too. However, keep in mind the more that is stored away, the tidier your work area will be, and the more inspiring. You can always get out what you need as you need it. I keep a tray by my machine to hold those things. Sometimes they are just too small and either get misplaced, slide under something, or just plain roll away!

    The biggest solution to your dilemma ... whatever system you go for, put things back in their place and you'll soon get in the habit of knowing where they are.

    ................ not that I have that perfected yet, but I am getting better at it!

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    Old 06-22-2014, 07:31 AM
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    ah organization, I can spend all day doing that - but I want to sew!!!
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    Old 06-22-2014, 07:51 AM
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    I organize most of my stuff on my peg board. The little things I throw in various containers ( I like the empty diaper wipe plastic containers) Every once in a while I clean out my containers and throw out stuff.
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    Old 06-22-2014, 09:11 AM
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    I've used the bottom of cereal boxes for organizing some of my drawers. You can customize them to fit each drawer. If you want them to look nicer they have some pretty duct tape out there.
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    Old 06-22-2014, 11:52 AM
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    Those expandable plastic drawer dividers you can find at places like Bed, Bath and Beyond (usually sold for sock drawers, etc.) work well because they'll fit any size drawer you have. If you're like me, your sewing room organization is always changing so it's nice to be able to reuse the dividers in another space or fit out the drawer differently.
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    Old 06-22-2014, 12:16 PM
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    I have a small tray beside my sewing machine that holds the basics such as scissors, seam ripper, extra bobbins, thread, pins, clips and such. I do keep all my extra thread, rulers, patterns in bins and also have a large pegboard over my sewing table, above my machine that holds scissors, rotary cutters, some large rulers and other gadgets. I am not the most neat person but I do like some order.
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    I like to keep my tools out in the open where I can see them. As soon as I start putting things "away" in drawers I never see the stuff again.

    There are very few tools in my sewing room but what I have are kept at certain spots.

    pens, pencils, protractor, nail file, small screw drivers, three rotary cutters, pinking shears and hole punch all fit in one of those plastic make up storage keepers that set on a shelf.

    My hammered aluminum bowls hold my pins, small scissors and seam rippers, one at each work station, cutting, sewing, ironing.

    The few rulers are housed on one of those wooden boards made for rulers which is at the end of my cutting table.

    Button collection is in a plastic shoe box.

    I do use ice cube trays in the one drawer I do have for keeping sewing needles and assorted machine feet separated.

    over the years I have found that fewer tools is better. Keeping to the basic stuff has suited me.

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    Old 06-22-2014, 05:25 PM
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    All the ideas mentioned are great, just what works for you best. I do have one suggestion. Labels......... I use plastic pencil boxes that I get for a dollar when school supplies go on sale. I label them on the front and on the top. That works best for me.
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