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now my techie ignorance will shine! Thanks for info on library access to digital versions of those mags. Do, I want something out of one of them- do I request the whole digital mag, get it "sent" to my desktop, then can I find what I want, print it...(I still like hard copies), then send the digital version back to the library or delete it or is it mine forever?
It's really simple. You click on the magazine title and check it out. Returns aren't necessary. They're yours to keep forever. You can access them through Zinio software for your computer or on your mobile phone or tablet.

While reading, you can take notes within the magazine, bookmark pages of interest, or clip things you'll want to return to later. You can add a tag which helps with finding similar themes later on. The library is sortable. You can view the titles by name or date.

Lastly, they're completely interactive. If a website is mentioned click the link and the page will open up. This is especially helpful when you see items that you want to save (such as patterns). The text size can be customized and the zoom feature is included too. Overall, if you're a magazine lover it's a nice way to store your library without the bulk that comes with print. As for the ads, you'll fly past them. The table of contents is clickable. You can go directly to the piece you're interested in.